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Hi everyone

In the video posted on the official yt channel with the 4k unedited gameplay i noticed this. When u die you have 2 options, waiting to be ressurected or respawingn at some kind of checkpoint cristal. So here comes the question. If you are not a peaceful player, so you are open to the option that somebody wants to fight with you randomly. If you die in such a fight, and you respawn will there be some kind of invincebility period to protect you from players that are camping the respawn spot/cristal? Or do you respawn somewhere else when there is player activitie nearby the respawn point?

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  • Dante MachiavelliDante Machiavelli Member, Alpha One
    No information has been revealed about any such invincibility period but the corruption system is there to prevent/punish spawn campers, especially when they camp those who do not want to fight back. For more info on the corruption system, check this wiki link
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