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This is my first post, my name is Volkyr, I'm from Argentina and I consider myself passionate about MMO's. Together with some friends we look forward to the launch of Ashes of Creation and we want to know if there will be Latin American servers, since we hope to enjoy this masterpiece to the fullest, we go through many games of this type and we believe that this will be the definitive one.

Congratulations to the developers and the entire team, you are doing an excellent job, I hope you can answer my question.
We will see you in Verra...



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    Hey Volkyr. The latin american servers are currently under cosideration from intrepid due to traffic.

    Best things to do to push that cosideration more in favor is bring as many people as you can from the region and have them create accounts, get involved in the forums and preorder to get into the testing in order to generate more traffic. Attract regional content creators to generate more content in spanish and make noise from the area. If you get big streamers from the area this will push the following to numbers that may justify having servers down here.
    Make sure you guys watch the developer livestreams on twitch every month since I'm pretty sure they do check where people are watching them from and use that to also see the interest from each region.

    I have never really cared much to push south american servers because when they say south America they mean server in Brazil and as I'm from the west of south America a server in Brazil is just as far for me than a server in the USA. I actually have noticed higher pings from brazil than I get from Miami. so even thought I'm from down here I don't really care if they do open them. I will most likely just play in the South East USA servers anyway.

    Been used to pings well above 150ms all my life so I don't expect ashes to be that different.
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    Hi Volkyr

    As Roko said, South American servers are being considered based on demand and available support. Keep an eye on the social media for updates further down the line.

    I'm going to move this thread to the Support section and close it now, but if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out again.
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