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Equipable Artisanal Tools

Fisherman SushiFisherman Sushi Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
Hello Friends of the Ashes Community,

I'll just start off with a quick shoutout to the Intrepid Team you are all wonderful! Take your time and create the game we all know you can create!

Onto the real topic,

I just had a question about artisanal tools. As a Fisherman myself, it's always a blast when I've been able to fully immerse myself into the role and equip my fishing pole! I'm aware that there will be different tiers of tools and was wondering if you will be able to equip these into weapon slots? Master Miners with their Legendary picks, crazy farmers with their golden hoes and shovels, fisherman with crazy fishing poles made out of the rarest wood in the lands!

TLDR - Will you be able to equip artisanal tools. Possibly in the weapon slot.

Thanks all!


  • Hi there friend! You may have seen in videos from our recent testing that your artisan tools are present in your inventory rather than your equipment slots, though I don't believe our team has necessarily shared that that will always be the case!

    In general, I would recommend staying tuned for more details on artisan systems as we dive deeper into testing, or adding your TL;DR question to an upcoming live stream Q&A thread!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can help answer!
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