[NA] The Federation | PVX | 18+ | Global, Adult Community LFM for Alpha 2 and Betas!

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<The Federation> is a global gaming community based in No-Life Survival MMOs like Albion, Ark, and various others.

Who is FED?
We are a group of chill, like-minded adults who try not to take ourselves too seriously, while still pushing the end-game envelope on what we can accomplish as a crew. We pride ourselves on being non-toxic and keeping an emphasis on fun and efficient group-play. PvE, PvP, Crafting, Tradeskills, Gathering... you name it, we do it. There is a niche for everyone in games like these... and we try to appreciate that!

Age of 21+ (Most of our members are 30+)
Non-Toxic, No Rage Players
Group-Oriented, Team-First Players
Excited to see AoC grow through beta and beyond!

We will ramp recruiting as Alpha/Beta environment gets developed (and pull from a massive pool of current FED members). But feel free tojoin our Discord Server to keep up with us (as well as chat about AoC things) : https://discord.gg/fedordead

Hit me up with any questions!

-"Fed or Dead!"


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