Gold/Counterfeit Coins

Is there a way to limit how much "gold" is in the game at any point, only allowing so much to be in circulation?

I think early game players should decide what they think is worth a Item. I think the interaction of a trade should be a real judgement of what something is worth between two people.
I think you should be able to make coins, but after a certain point you can only craft counterfeit coins or something lowering the value and areas you can use them.
You could make it a corrupted act, the corruption grows for making counterfeit coins forcing you to use them with other corrupted players, It would limit currency issues..
The coins are not corrupted coin, they don't pass on the negative effects it took to make them, but their value should be seen in the players eyes as something not worth the gold it took to make it.
NPC's don't want the money as see it only as scraps of metal, and will not accept it because the NPCs have a superstition that it is corrupted, and see the coins you hold as a gage of how corrupted they "believe" you to be.
Limiting your use of certain shops until ridding yourself of the cursed currency by crafting them back into bars at a lower amount then it took to make them.
NPC's would offer to smelt the coins back into ingots to rid the world of the counterfeit coins.
Bandits and Corrupted players could try and destroy caravans to take gold and resources, but the gold that gets destroy during the raid opens up room for more real gold to be made. When corrupted players die they have a high chance at dropping resources.
When they drop some gold, and items, make it so the real gold drops from them before the counterfeit gold drops.


  • That's what gold sinks are for, sometimes companies don't give a fuck and let it spiral out of controll, sometimes they overdue it for the sake of currency exchange from real money to ingame money.
    Bad examples exist, but it works just fine in a normal enviroment.

    No, early game players should not decide what something is worth, it's an ongoing process. Needs change, availability change, supply and demand change, knowledge change. You shouldn't put a fixed price on it, even less so because you are some early player, you might not even realize what it is used for yet. (anyone remember gw2 precursers hm? traded off as a cheap sword early on)
    Classicaly you start off as some sideway wannabe adventurer helping driving off some imps or gathering for a local farm and with time and development you take on banditencampments, evil nesting grounds and so on, so the rewards naturaly rise.
    That doesn't take away the worth of anything it just means now you can aquire it with more ease for the time spend, and usually your expenses rise with it since materials and processing gets more expansive and expensive.

    So everyone that starts later on HAS to life with counterfeit because he can't aquire real money anymore. The cap will always be reached and people are always grinding, questing and so on. That opens up so many problems. You can start to hoard it just for the sake of hording it and limiting other players. We are talking about a trading rich concept, there will be one of two outcomes.
    1. People manage the hoarding leaving everyone to dry because they managed some kind of monopoly on essential items.
    2. People will form groups to be selfreliant and shutting down the larger trade game.
    technicly there could be a third which is very likely too.
    3. People will abandon gold and stick to material for material trade.
    Has happened before, this will probably lead to it naturaly.

    Gold sinks are there for a reason and manage the job well when given some thoughts. Steven said he is weirded out by animals dropping gold coin, so they are surely keeping the flow of gold in mind. Where it comes from and where it goes and vanishes.

    It sure is good to think about alternatives, but I can not see it happening as you put it forward.
  • Your right, it could get out of hand if not monitored closely, and it would be more work to keep the currency at a optimal point for how many people are on the server. *shrugs* I'm just trying to think of ways to protect the game long before gold sellers are involved. I suppose not having portals, or a item mailing system could slow their ability to get their gold to players across the server, could hassle to stop/slow it from happening. >.< counterfeit coins is a punishment too harsh for new players just trying to make it in the game.
  • All you need is a report function and a gm who actually does his job. If a gold spammer can't write, he cant do business, and for evry bot you create they have to pay 15bucks subscrition, if we get them removed quickly it won't be worth it for them.
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