[EU/UK] Stone Shields | PVX | GMT/BST | Semi-Hardcore / Progression | Mercenary (Small) 18+

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Stone Shields:
We are putting together a new guild for the release of AoC, currently we have a tight-knit group of friends who are all super excited for the coming release! We are looking for players who share a common interest and who want progress through the challenges that AoC has to offer.
We're after those who are likely to hang around, to build the Stone Shields into a force to be reckoned with.

We have a few members that will be starting from Beta testing onwards so we can get as much experience as possible before we get into the long awaited release.

As a guild we are planning to cover as much of the content as possible.
PvE - Any raids & Dungeons, town defences
PvP - Carriages, Mercenaries for main events
Town/Node Expansion

Stone Shields are looking for guild mates who are looking for a Semi-Hardcore experience, to progress through most if not all content that AoC has. Looking for friendly members who are not afraid of a little banter every now and then. We have some skilled members with a long background of MMOs spanning from WoW, BDO, RS and more. We are looking for members with a similar background.
Most of the guild are from the UK but looking for all skilled/keen players who speak English to join.

We have a little Discord server for any who are interested in joining!
Please use the link below:


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