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Personally I don't mind the $15 subscription but I think it needs to be clarified properly or reworded.

What does it mean by "X month of Game Time."

Does this mean you have X months of actual game play time or do you mean you have X months of service.

Because there's a huge difference between actual Game Time and Service Time.

I'll clarify with an example.

Lets say games releases on X day of X Month, and I purchased Voyager bundle before hand.

Now lets say I unfortunately got deployed for 6 months the day before game released and didn't even get a chance to log in.

When I return from deployment, three things can happen.

1. I log in and still have 9 months of actual "Game Time" (Huzzah?)
2. I log in and instead of 9 months, I only have 3 months left of Service Time. The "($135 value)" suddenly became $45.
3. I log in, my 9 months of Service Time finally starts ticking down, and will continue to trickle down regardless whether I'm in game or not.

As far as I know there is only ONE MMO that uses Option 1 where your "Premium game time" only ticks down when you are actually signed in and connected to the game.

Games like WoW/ FFXIV.etc follow Option 2. where even if you don't log in your "service time" is trickling down regardless.

pessimistic me automatically assume AoC will follow similarly to Option 2.

The real question is will subscription time trickle down day user logs in or will it start trickle down upon game's release.


  • I understand it as having x months of service time. You also pay per "per month" and not per "30 days of playing".

    Regarding the start of the subscription, here's a quote from the wiki:
    Subscriptions will begin at launch or, subject to change, a user may be able to choose to activate their subscription to start at a particular point in time.

    Hope that helps!
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    Hi Hatsuho

    I assume you are talking about the game time included in the pre-order packs, in which case the quote from @ShadonSol above is accurate. You can choose when to activate the game time included in the pre-order packs, however the time is based on real world time, not in-game time.

    I hope that answers your question so I'm closing this thread now. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out again.
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