Crafting Fun / Item Emote Slots

There was this game I was playing on my phone called Durango. it was a Over head survival mmorpg where you could use almost any material to craft an item. Lets say you had a hunk of meat and the ability to make a hammer, but no stone for an hammer head. You could make a meat hammer, and it would do lower damage, it wouldn't last as long, but it was a fun and interesting idea. Being able to use Grass to craft into cord, and crafting that into a rope, all those small pieces could all individually have their own levels ending in a better item.

Cooking and all crafting related skills should allow a touch of uniqueness when you make them. Maybe allow for however many needed items for the weapon to be complete including the meat hammer head, but allow an extra slots for decoration, and a slot for giving an activate on use emote when used that changes the normal interaction movement, changes the appearance of skill use on weapons.
When you eat this sandwich, an option could be make a small explosion of light signifying great flavor in the first bite, or faking death. Having interactive items gives more life to the world, makes it feel more alive, and dealing with crafters becomes a little more fun.

<img src="" alt="Meat Armor" />
Don't worry guys I also brought my meat shield! *meat shield has AoE taunt against all carnivores*


  • You certainly have some interesting ideas xD
    I like some sort of realism in any game I play. I know it's a fantasy game, where anything could work because of magic. But still ;)
    Besides, in a survival game, I would certainly hold on to any kind of food, than making a freaking hammer out of it. No stones to be found? well ... okay ... I might find something else to bash with, than using precious food!
    Anyways, it might be fun for some people, but I think I would find it silly.
    Like your picture there. It's just silly tbh. :)
  • In serious game with corruption and constantly evolving landscapes with ever changing positions of power. Sometimes you just need to see someone in a meat suit screaming Leroy Jenkins to brighten the mood. >.< lol
  • Haha, well I can't argue with that :)
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