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[EU] | The Nine Paragons | [PvP] | [Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore]

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[EU] | The Nine Paragons | [PvP] | [Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore] AGE:18+

What is The Nine Paragons
The Nine Paragons is a newly formed guild. We are looking for players that will be playing a rogue, and are looking for PvP content. The group will consist of nine rogues, each a different race. who all work in the shadows. (All of the races are going to be chosen at the same time when the players have joined, so nobody has reserved any races yet.)

The Eyes of Paragons[?](a choice if not interested to become one of the nine)
"The Eyes of Paragons" spy organization inside The Nine Paragons guild, or a different "spy group/guild" that works very closely with The Nine Paragons but with its own leader (if needed) ofc. The organization would be for players who want to play as spies in nodes across the world. The idea would be that they could play whatever, however, and wherever they want to. The idea is to give information for The Nine Paragons. For example, the contents, the route, and the escorts of a caravan. Every caravan raid The Nine Paragons do they give part of the profit to the Eyes.

Will primarily be on PvP. but some aspects of PvE will be implemented to improve our gear, such as dungeons, world bosses, and possibly raids.

How will we achieve these goals?
I have been thinking about, trying to partner with other Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore guilds. To help each other with Rival guilds, resources, and PvE. Any guild that is interested in something like that, can message me for more discussion.

Feel free to message me about the guild or about the partnering.

What is expected from all members?
Willing to improve on class and Gameplay
willing to play as a team
Loyalty to the group and for the partnered Guild
Positive attitude
to be initiative


  • Holy Cannoli !! THAT sounds cool.
    A Guild made of Nine Members called the Nine Paragons and they are all stealthy and mysterious ?

    This is such a typical Case of : " Why did i not come up with something so cool ? " lol

    The kind of Guild i would enjoy hearing from frequently ingame.
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