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Hardcore Server Events and Rewards

Hardcore servers are intense, and if you die you lose all your progress and start over with the server keeping track of your progress.
Getting farther and farther make you feel like your accomplishing something the whole way, and once the server discovers all areas and defeated all raid bosses, the hype slowly dies down.
To revitalize the spirit of progress, hold a event twice a year that allows players to play on a hardcore server to gain special cosmetic items such as skins that change how your skills are used while you have it attached to a weapon.
Raid boss armor skins that can only be obtained in hardcore server events, all items that are sent to all characters on your account to use in normal servers.
A hardcore server wouldn't last long, being reset and shutdown after every event, unless the community wants a year round server.
A fresh start every event would draw out the competitive nature in people, and offer some rewards that would keep people playing the normal server showing off what they achieved.
People who success in the hardcore events will be people who understand what equipment and consumables they need to complete the raids they aim for.
It doesn't have to be limited to combat level, crafting levels could give rewards as well. I think any major progress in the hardcore server should be rewarded.


  • I went into this thinking I would completely disagree, but I kind of like the idea (provided that the events are <strong>very</strong><em> short. A true hardcore server wouldn't really work in any progression based game with a high focus on PvP. I do think that something like this could work on a limited basis. Maybe last for a week or so a couple of times a year.
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