Addiction/Item dependancy

In lineage 2 We could purchase Spirit/Soul Shots to increase the damage of our attacks. If this is implimented in this game >.< Limit thier use to only a set amount per day or you begin to feel the effects of an overdose. Continued use could give a longer lasting evolving addiction Debuff that lingers can be stalled when receiving the required item, or it becomes a worst effect until your character dies of withdraw, or the debuff runs out.

Potions should have the same kind of addictive properties any other substance would have. Too much of a good thing should become a bad thing for your character. Pure/high tier ingredients lowers the debuff you will receive from over use for potions. A sneaky crafter could cut his product with poison to cause addiction the user would only know of after over using, hooking them to this specific crafters product.. mean tricks but its another option to the player.


  • Well that's a feature I haven't heard of before.
    Not sure I would like it in a MMORPG.
    It more sounds like something you could experience in a RPG.

    Instead of addiction, the potions could give other forms of debuffs.
    I will just give some few examples:

    - When you use a <em>Healing Potion</em>, it will only affects you once a day (ingame time). It will heal you for 60% of your total HP. But it's magical powers still lingers in your body, so a second potion won't have any magical effects before the magic is gone (24 hours ingame CD). The potion will be a good "oh shit"-rescue, but still not spammable.
    - Mana/Endurance/Stamina(whatever) Potions will give the same effect, but the CD could be half or even lower.

    Now to the real risk/reward potions! I just make up the names as I see fit.
    - <em>Potion of Savagery</em>! You go into berserk, swinging wildly with your weapon with increased damage and weapon speed. But you loose all defensive bonuses and you can't protect yourself. The effect will stay until the fight is over or you die. If you don't die and the fight is over, your body is fatigued for x amount of minutes, which give you a debuff to endurance/stamina for x amount of minutes.
    - <em>Potion of Empowerment</em>! You have more control over your mind! You get higher resistance against magic based crowd control for x amount of time. But the effect have a toll on your head. Melee stun resistance is lowered in the same time.
    - <em>Potion of Predictions</em>! You are more focussed on defending yourself against melee attacks. But the potion has a side effect, which gives you decreased resistance towards CC/single-control magic.
    - <em>Mead of Thorik</em>! The best mead in Ashes! After just a few mugs, you feel you can take over the world, charm any female (or male!) and win any fight against the guards. Increased stupidity and hangover, and probably a sleepover in the cell.

    Apart of the last one, you get my point right? You could toss different variety of potions in the game, but make them risk/reward based. That could make potions very situational.
    That was just what I could pull out from atop of my head.
  • Back in the burning crusade days of wow, there was a manapotion that had lower cooldown and gave more mana but reduced your magical power by a little bit and it stacked.
    It was a great oh shit button with a bit of a backdraw.
    It was complettly useless since you could seldome waste enough mana to need less cd and more mana from a potion, and in the end I think I was one of the few, as hunter who doesn't use magical power, who actually used them nonstop. At the very least I never heard or saw others using it.
    (Now that I think about it like that, it might have been the reason why I never saw strong hunters at that time, I really had to use them to keep up with the manaburn it caused going full ham and it was some side recipe you had to go out of your way to obtain if I remember correctly.)

    If they can manage to balance it, I think it could create some interesting mechanical niches.
    I find the idea intriguing, I mean not every plant is always purely good, it can come with side effects, be it through the plant itself, the processing methode or other added components. <that pixie dust tho>

    I wouldn't go so far as everything is addictive, you could always have "the standartline" as a baseline how potent riskfree is and then have variations with sideeffects. Just putting every "substance" on the addicting list serves no purpose in my eyes except to clutter you with more debuffs on stuff to constantly watch.
  • <img src="" alt="L2comic" />

    >.< addiction and dependency shouldn't be a thing, lol but >.< This just fits, I wish posted this topic with this.
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