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Server reports & keeping up with your world

AsgerrAsgerr Member
edited April 2021 in General Discussion
This is as much a question as it is a suggestion.

Once the game goes live, it is clear that every server will be a microcosm all of its own.

I believe it could be useful/interesting to have a page on the website or on the forums that could give metrics or weekly reports about life on your server. Things like:

  • Number of players at max level
  • Royal mounts currently owned and by whom
  • Who recently cleared what raid/dungeon first
  • Number of nodes at every level of development and their name
  • Number of PvP kills
  • Top ranked players and guilds
  • Number of caravans and trade routes established


Perhaps there could be a way to integrate it within the game itself. However you do it, it would benefit the lore and history of the player base on the server.
This way we can keep up with what's going on across the world, even when you don't/can't travel across the world yourself.

Would this be something interesting for players? Would you prefer it all be left to player reporting and recanting their own stories? How would you implement it? In game or outside of it?


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