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[NA] PvP | Hardcore | Castle Focus | Organized | Alpha 2 |



  • TezcatlipocaTezcatlipoca Member
    edited November 2022
    an excellent guild for your hardcore pvp needs. well-run and serious-minded about their objectives, I joined a while ago and am very happy with them. Definitely check them out!
  • Organized, professional, dedicated group. Looking forward to alpha testing and battlefield domination. You should probably just join today.
  • I just joined! Pretty chill guys and everyone works great with each other. Can't wait to try alpha out with everyone!
  • NaHTeHNaHTeH Member
    BAEtherius <3
  • Toy_Toy_ Member
    I was a bit weary at first to join a clan for a game that is not fully out yet, but I now safely say that this community is a perfect fit for me. Aside from the big plans in the game, this group of people are friendly and fun to hang around with. I'm happy to have found them and I look forward to the future of AoC with Aetherius!

  • wrathrumwrathrum Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I've recently joined up with aetherius and have to say they are some of the most welcoming people. this isn't like one of the megas were your just a number for their zerg. The leadership and members here put major effort into helping you intergrade into the community. If you care about have a good time with the boys and going for the W this is the place for you.
  • The_Gaming_ButlerThe_Gaming_Butler Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    As a member of this guild, I'm really looking forward to helping foster a welcoming group environment, achieving group and guild goals, and participating in everything Ashes of Creation has to offer. Bring on the Alpha 2!
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  • DatruthDatruth Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hey whats up all of ya AoC lovers out there. I have recently joined "Aetherius" and i got to say, they are super fun to be around and have taken me in with open arms. I am a man who loves structure and discipline in order to succeed with any goals we have set out to complete. This guild does that but they do it in a way with compassion and are willing to listen to any input you may have even if you are not an officer. I have been playing some games with them and its been super chill, ive always had a good time. We are looking forward to AoC and cant wait to jump in Alpha 2 to get started. Hope to see some new faces and i am always willing to assist anyone who has any questions or comments. I have high hopes for this guild and they show tremendous promise. Lets get it!!!
  • MisterBonezMisterBonez Member
    edited August 2022
    Aetherius is a solid place for anyone looking for a group that houses the most military active, reserve, & veteran members in Ashes of Creation. The group prides itself on competent leadership, family like cohesion, PVP domination, and castle/territory control. I was immediately blown away when joining by the recruitment process and Aetherius really does handpick those who can answer the demands of what the group needs. Everyone has a place here and every member makes sure to make you feel at home.


    • You really are part of a team.
    • Family is strongly influenced here.
    • Nobody is left behind.

    If you got excited when reading this then we would love to have an interview with you. I am excited to have joined this group and look forward to what we accomplish into launch and beyond. I'm not the only one who feels this way, come see for yourself.

    Challenge yourself to be apart of something bigger and make a difference with us!

    - Mr. Bones
  • 5 Months in and I got to say, things have been awesome. Within the last 5 months from my last post, the guild has grown stronger with like minded individuals. Everyone is super cool and helpful, specially the leaders are all very helpful. I'm amazed at how smart my guildies are with creating private game servers and testing them so we can all play games together and coordinate with one another. Some of the smartest people I know are all within this guild, very interesting to be around that type of intelligence.

    I love the random gatherings on guild nights where we either watch a movie , play some random online group game or coordinate on certain games where we are lead into battle and learn to work as a team with one another through voice. Communication is very important in this guild apart from listening. Very happy to be here and I encourage anyone else thinking of joining to come check us out.
    AoC A2 Tester
  • Having a blast playing L2 with this guild. Can't wait to jump into AoC with em.
  • Toy_Toy_ Member
    Lots of great folks joining daily! Get in while the gettin is good!

  • If you're looking for a good knowledgeable group that's active and organized, look no further. Best experience I've had yet of joining a guild of forums for a game. Better yet, a sense of family is key here, with cohesion being the goal. Recommend anyone trying to really test the limits of the siege gameplay to check these guys out!
  • LasLas Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited September 2022
  • Aetherius is just better not sure what else to say.
  • Get good or die trying. Glad to be going into Alpha 2 with Aetherius.
  • Joined up looking for a place to call my own. these people here have accepted me with open arms, im happy to be apart of their community. can't wait for game time! It'll be lots of fun!
  • CallMeODCallMeOD Member
    edited December 2022
    Left this group because I decided that I wanted to be in an RP guild. Very hard choice for me to do because I met a lot of good people in here. If you are looking for a mature, hardcore group with a great chain of leadership; this is it. I have been in many guilds throughout different games and have seen many fall because of leadership, I am 99% sure this is not one of those types of guilds. Great group to play with in any game they play, very entertaining, wish them the best in their endeavors.
  • Where to begin? The leadership throughout the recruitment process has been incredibly welcoming and thorough. You won't find a single soul here that wants to start drama. Everyone has been very friendly and all love to laugh and joke around. At the same time they know how to direct effort toward accomplishing goals quicker and cleaner than everyone else. If we set a goal, it WILL be. And that isn't forced upon us, that is genuine earnest to work together as one. If you want to find a place for AoC to call home, to have meaning and influence in the world we all create and live in, then you'll find no better place. Aetherius is the place to be.
  • Haven't been a part of this guild for long, but I can already tell this really is an amazing group of people!
  • Joined Aetherius at the recommendation of a gaming friend and I am super looking forward to running with them in alpha 2 and beyond.
    This guild definitely has a focus on hitting the ground running with any game they put their mind to.
    Everyone has been friendly and serious at the same time; it’s a good, mature mix and I see Aetherius being one of the power players in Ashes
  • I've been having a blast with these folks. From deep belly laughs to slaying fucking bodies. They keep the discord smelling like spent brass and fresh cinnamon rolls.
  • novercalisnovercalis Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    edited December 2022
    As a non-vet, basic civilian, it's been pretty great hanging out with these lads.

    Expect tough love, some dark humor and a whole lot of dick talks
    but when it comes down to it - gaming with them - there is good comms and very little bitching and whining. It becomes business, focus on the task in hand to GET IT DONE.

    Weekly guild chats / discussion / theory crafting and guild games.

    Currently we are messing around in 7 Days 2 die, assigned roles, teamwork, goals, camaraderie etc

    If you want a PVP orientated guild that has focus on leadership, hierarchy, and structure; This guild is it. I dont even think we have anyone under 25. Lots of veteran boys and not a screeching child in sight. Lastly this guild has a lot of D.E.R.P



    PS: For a bunch of military vets - most of them are fucking nerds.
    D&D players, MTG players, and Anime Weebs.
    So don't be scared, thinking it's a bunch of alpha male, chest pumping, gun touting, bible speaking, "limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun! --wooooooo"
    {UPK} United Player Killer - All your loot belongs to us.
  • Very excited to play with this group of people. Since joining this guild I have gotten to play with an awesome group with players who are dedicated to seeing the success of their guild brothers and sisters.

    They take their gaming seriously and that includes building others up to make them better.

    Good communication, mature conversation (when required :smile: ) and an attitude to win are what they offer and what you should bring.

    Be prepared to have a blast and more importantly be prepared to make some great friends.

    Long time MMO vets will find respite in the hearth of Aetherius and will find a spark of joy through that rose tinted look back we all crave and hope for in Ashes of Creation.

  • RyveRyve Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I am proud to call myself a member of Aetherius! This guild is highly organized and has some big goals for Ashes. Ashes of Creation is an MMO where you will need a great guild if you want to accomplish things, and the earlier you join the better off you will be. Check the guild out sometime and give it a try, we are currently playing ESO, Dark and Darker, and soon Throne and Liberty!
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