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Old school gamer here, question about the caravan..

I have played several MMOs from being part of the Evercrack beta (I was one of the ones who got WAY too addicted) to the mass number of random ones that are available now a days.. but the one that I oddly had the most fun with was Silkroad Online (before the dang bots).. the trade/guardian/thief triangle was probably the most fun that I have had with an MMO PvP type setting, and I am not a fan of PvP, mostly due to jackheads who act like Demi Gods actively and intentionally seeking out weaker people and destroying them again and again to ruin their fun for the game and to make themselves feel better about themselves.. but in the trader conflict triangle, you never attacked or defended or ran a caravan alone anyways.. I briefly skimmed some conversations and found that some things I wanted to know were mentioned but not really talked about. I figured instead of trying to read the 100+ pages and skim the dozens of wikis and other pages I would say hello, and see if this conflict triangle was part of the game play. If so, does it work in the same manner? A singular or group of player traders hire a group of player guardians who slowly trek across dangerous lands fighting off elements of nature and constantly looking out for the band of player thieves that could be hiding around the next corner?


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    Hunh. I tend to think of it as defenders and attackers rather than as a triangle, but... sure.

    But, yeah, the player who initiates a caravan run is going to want to make sure there are defenders and attackers who want to prevent the goods from reaching their destination will try to destroy the caravan.
  • RamirezRamirez Member
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    Silkroad for that time had great systems , the caravans was really one of the best, like the world boss system was great to, and i really loved some mobs, had party and giant versions and giant party
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
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    Welcome friend.

    I'll try to answer as best I can:

    You have a few major types of PvP:
    • World PvP
    • Caravan PvP
    • Node Sieges
    • Castle Sieges
    • Guild Wars
    • Arenas/Battlegrounds/Duels

    In regards to the World PvP (likely to be the more common one)

    Players' default status is one called Non-Combatant (green).

    When a green attacks another green, the attackers is flagged as a Combatant (purple). After that you have two possible scenarios:
    • The attacked player fights back, and thus becomes a Combatant in turn
    • The attacked player doesn't fight back, and the attacker becomes corrupt (red)

    In the case of both being combatants, the one who dies receives a smaller level of penalty-for-death than if he had died in the wild against a random monster.

    If the PvP isn't consensual and the attacker becomes corrupt, he will receive a dampening to his stats, and will need to work off his corruption (by either grinding mobs or dying a bunch).

    While corrupt, green players can attack the stat-dampened red players, without becoming purple. This means that if the red player kills the green attacker, he will accrue further levels of corruption.
    Also, a higher level player killing a lower level player, will earn corruption, proportionally to the level difference.

    A red player will be attacked on sight by a Node's guards, limiting his access to services in town.
    At higher levels of corruption, a red player can, upon death, drop a number of gear items he has equipped at the time of death.
    At those levels of corruption, a players also becomes visible on the map to Bounty Hunters.

    Bounty hunters are players who have specced into this tree through a service in Military Nodes. Bounty Hunters are thus incentivised to hunt down red players (for the fun and for their gear).

    However, a bounty hunter will always be flagged purple to a red player, and the red player will not suffer of his stat penalties when fighting bounty hunters.

    As for the Caravan PvP.

    A caravan can be initiated by a player, a quest, a mayor, a guild etc.
    They will transport materials from point A to point B. Through artisan trees and other methods, players can upgrade said caravan to have higher defense, better speed, different type of horses etc as well as having NPC guards to guard it.

    As the caravan moves through the world (going faster by road, and requiring a minute of wait when reaching a body of water for it to transform into a naval caravan), it creates a PvP zone.
    When a player enters said PvP zone, he is given the option of either attacking it, defending it, or ignore it. Under this PvP zone, no corruption is earned, as the PvP is consensual.

    Players will also likely hire guilds or other player run mercenary bands to defend or attack specific caravans. Their start time and origin point, and destination being known only to the initiator of the caravan, a level of espionnage will ensue.

    Steven has hinted at the possibility of using alts to infiltrate enemy organisations or guilds, to further said intrigue.

    To summarise:
    • Guards only guard the towns.
    • Players can attack other players
    • Players who gank lower level players or non willing participants will be penalised by corruption, and hunted down by bounty hunter players
    • There exist areas in which PvP is assumed consensual
    • Player driven friction will be a cause for PvP
    • Politics, intrigue and espionage can play a role

    If I missed anything you wanted more info on, feel free to @ me in your response.
  • oh.. my... God...
    This may be exactly what I am looking for! @Asgerr I dont think you could have made me more excited for a game..
  • Xtreme4s wrote: »
    oh.. my... God...
    This may be exactly what I am looking for! @Asgerr I dont think you could have made me more excited for a game..

    I'm glad to hear so! And welcome aboard! Remember there is a Livestream today on Twitch (and every last friday of the month). They will show stuff and answer submitted questions.

    Friday, April 30, 2021 at 11AM PDT! (Click here to convert this to your local time.)

    Also, a number of us have been answering some of the questions on the thread for the QA portion of the livestream, feel free to check'em out.
  • Loved Silk Road Online... Sadly did not play it long though, wish I could remember why... I can only say it was not the games fault I left.
  • Recluse74 wrote: »
    Loved Silk Road Online... Sadly did not play it long though, wish I could remember why... I can only say it was not the games fault I left.

    I left when the botting was out of control.. When I first started playing there were hardly any of them, when I hit level 30 to 40, my friends and I noticed more and more bots in our zones, KSing like crazy.. by the time we hit level cap there were 6 or 7 bots on every single mob making it nearly impossible to level up.. so I started focusing on the caravans.. till an exploit ruined it and joymax refused to fix it..
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