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Last night's dev update :D

Hi :smile: can't watch streams where I am currently, so I watched the VOD last night on Twitch before going to bed. Thank god I could skip that one hour waiting XD not watching live is not so bad.
Overall, really liked what I saw! I left my feedback comment on the mechanics/raid fight in the video that was uploaded to YouTube. This post is more of a praise for what has been shown and some minor comments.
Personally, I found the "molten death knight" and that "holy knight" (the 1st one Margaret designed) set to be the best ones. I've been thinking of making some sort of "holy tank" as a character, so that set had my attention. I loved the design, how it fits. Everything was 'sober', elegant and refined but with style, it wasn't plain or boring. And the tabard with the branching tree was such a cool detail.
Dragons designs were also awesome. Quite the big bois, kinda scary. I wonder how many will die at the hands (paws? do dragons have paws? Because claws are nails, right?) of them.
The sword and spear shown had really cool design for something "simple" that is obtainable in game at lower levels. I think the design team has nailed almost all the aspects so far for their respective biome/region and the intention of each item. One thing I have to criticize however, is the sword size. I ask the team please don't be afraid to make them a bit bigger as 1H swords. The game and world is set in fantasy, so you could do with a bit of wiggling when it comes to size of items not being completely "realistic". I imagine a 2 handed sword, mace or maybe even the spear (if it was 2 handed) is already big enough to tell a difference. The sword, when the model of the molten knight (that's the name I gave it, I forgot if the set had an actual name, sorry) held it in his hand, it looked like an oversized dagger. Of course, I thought that if there are daggers, they would be even smaller. But even then, I think the sword could do with some units a bit longer, kind of giving it a more menacing and strong look, some weight, but without being so massive it's ridiculous. I understand that the idea might've stemmed from "one handed short swords", that are actually kind of that size perhaps, but in this case you have to consider you might be a strong big knight, with full plate armor, running towards your enemy. You can't have mini-swords in your hands. It's comical.
Last but not least, those withered set looks... how do you come up with these? The ripped clothing/feathered look with the blue grading. SO GOOD. And the mounts!? Loved that there were a doe and a deer, kind of male/female version of the same mount but different.
I won't be playing this alpha, but it felt this was one of the best dev updates so far (also going back to studio! GZ EZ!). It's been great, the progress shown has been awesome, considering all this pandemic stuff that put the team apart. I wish everyone good luck in the alpha and hopefully you find millions of bugs to be squashed and fixed :D #breakasword
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