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Hi all,

One of the features I hate the most in ESO is the daily upgrade for your mount. Upgrading your mount is something we've seen in several MMO's over the last few years.

Will Ashes do the same or will it be a traditional system where we just buy a mount with X% of speed?
I know this might not bother a lot of people, but the system in ESO just annoyed the hell out of me xD

Apologies for the rusty English :)

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  • NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    To me, the issue in ESO is about the way the system works and has nothing at all to do with the fact that you can increase a mounts speed.

    Being able to upgrade things is great - having to log on every day (or feeling like you have to log on every day) is not great.
  • daveywaveydaveywavey Member
    I believe the Animal Husbandry profession determines the stats/abilities of the mount, rather than having to level it up. But, I guess we're still too early on to say anything for sure.
  • MarcetMarcet Member
    I hope we have some upgrades in mounts, but not daily ones.
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
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    This should fall under the purview of the Animal Husbandry system.

    Mounts will have certain stats (with some gear influencing them on top), that seem to be fixed.

    If you want a mount with a different stat or with a particular skill (charge, sprint, some melee attack etc) you'll need to either breed one yourself, or buy
  • HemlockedHemlocked Member
    Please no dailies :S
  • KhronusKhronus Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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    Fuck daily quests. I haven't played a game with mount upgrades but this sounds great.

    What if they elevated the cooking profession by using it to provide temporary and permanent upgrades to our mounts? If animal husbandry provides the base mount, cooking could provide the upgrades. This would give cooking the boost it needs to stay relevant as well as promote players to have different mounts for different adventures. Endgame materials should drop and be viable for every profession imo.
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