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Class Housing/Player Driven Content Ideas

I have some ideas that I think would be pretty neat for player housing. Instead of just having a generic house plan or something like that, have each primary class have its own type of housing. Mages get mage towers, clerics get churches, bards get taverns, rangers get groves, tanks get a gym, etc. I think this would make for more unique and interesting housing and would allow for player created landmarks.

I also think maybe there could be npc quests and maybe even player created quests where, lets say I need to get resources from my mage tower to the city to sell. I can create a work order and players can take that order and complete it while I am out doing other things. I think that this would also create more player interaction and create more opportunities for players to find their place in the world.

"There is a mage that lives in this tower outside of town that has requested the service of a body guard for his caravan of goods. Here is what he is paying for the journey. If you decide to take the job, go talk to his butler, John, who will give you the details and have you sign the contract."

You as the player giving out the order also get feedback on how the quest went.

"Um, sir, your request for transport of goods was answered, unfortunately, the adventurers who took up the contract failed, and you lost X units of iron. Here are their names."

This allows you to know who you can trust to do something for you. If someone is consistently doing things well for you, you might be inclined to invite them on your next dungeon/raid/guiild.
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  • I think the current proposed method for player housing already has a lot of scope to encompass personalized housing and could easily include a large number of alternatives, including something similar to your ideas within the freehold system. I do like the idea of Archetype based housing options, so long as it isn't overstated and link to a "must have bonus" meta for each Archetype.

    Player created quests like you suggest are currently covered by bulletin boards:
    and by caravans:

    I believe that the overall design aim is to increase social interaction between players for things like caravan Quest feedback, rather than relying on in game conversation mechanics to isolate players from each other. Hopefully players will find other likeminded players that they want to interact with and toxic personalities will be kept in check by the need to be part of a community to make progress.

    I can recommend reading and watching the material in
    as a good way to get up to speed with what we, the community, already know about Ashes of Creation.

    You've been a member on this forum for slightly longer than me, so I hope this comes across as helpful and not condescending.

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