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[NA] Storm | Competitive | PvX | World Firsts

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[NA] Storm | PvX | Hardcore / World Firsts | Active | English | Size: 100+ | Recruiting: Open
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Storm is a gaming community first established in 2014 as a hardcore Destiny Clan (Formerly Invigorate Gaming). Our members won back to back world first raid titles in the early days of Destiny. Featured on Bungie for Crota's End and Vault of Glass Hard Mode along with features in GameInformer, Polygon, Kotaku, IGN and Gamespot, among others. We have moved on from that community and now look forward to competing at the highest level in Ashes of Creation.


Our mission in Ashes of Creation is to build a strong group of highly active members to compete for World/Server Firsts as well as castle and node sieges. Our members will take on all content that Ashes of Creation has to offer regardless of if you are interested in solely PvP or PvE we will have a spot for you as we wish to encompass all aspects AoC has to offer.


Our rank structure is designed to be able to accommodate a growing number of members. Our members will be structured in a manner that gives importance to each individual so as to establish a better connection to not just the guild but also the game itself. Even those down in the starting ranks will have the ability to have responsibility thrust upon them while in battle and in Node construction. This said we will be promoting from within to give each individual the chance to gradually make it to a higher up position they my have interest in. (Updated Graphic Coming Soon)


The Eye: Storm's High Leadership. Owners and Co-owner Guild Masters.

The Winds: Storm's Community Managers / HR Reps. The head of recruitment, event planning, and all forms of media. And the leaders you go to when you need help.

The Mysts: Head Treasurers. Overseers of Guild Finances and Trade. Head strategists of Node development. Those under The Myst are the Master Professions who help with commerce and trade. Anyone can help as a Master even if they have other roles once an individual reaches certain proficiency in gathering, processing, and crafting.

Lightbringers: Head War Minds when it comes to Sieges and other large scale combats including naval and raids.

The Calamities: Thunder (PvE), Lighting (PvP), The Force (Navy). The driving commanders of each of their fields.

The Squalls (Captains): Squad Leaders who work directly under a Calamity in charge of their respective position they may be needed. They oversee small man teams made up of The Flood.

The Floods (Members): They make up the vast majority of the guild and are our ground troops. Those who have passed our time trial and have moved from Recruits to become official guildmates.


-We will have scheduled game nights outside of our main games for groups to engage with our community. Structured raid nights as well as nights of importance such as sieges will be noted on our socials and in the discord.

-We offer our platforms for content creators to promote their work to expand their audience rather it be through Twitch or Twitter. Contests and giveaways have always been an important factor to our team and we look forward to tackling many events via charity streams to help the community grow and become involved.

-Monthly newsletter for guild members coming soon that talks about the state of the game, upcoming events, and more.

-Before Ashes of Creation is released, we will be playing other games as a community. Expect a variety of party games with fellow Storm members as well games that also fall in the MMO genre. Upon the release of various AoC Alpha’s and Beta’s our team will look to be providing as much content as possible.

-Our leadership has been involved with many charities the past several years including Extra Life and Operation Supply Drop. Our aim is to continue our charity events with the help of our members and the Ashes of Creation community regardless on if they are guildmates or just people looking to help other people.


All members are expected to honor the following rules both before and after AoC’s launch.

-Be Respectful: Be Respectful to everyone! You don’t have to agree with, identify with, or understand someone to be friendly or game with them. We accept people for who they are.

-No Drama: Don’t bring drama into the guild. If you have problems or issues, immediately contact a member with a Leadership role whom you trust.

-Bring No Shame: Do not attack, flame, troll, impersonate, be rude or aggressive, insult, berate any individuals, communities, companies, or organizations while a member of this guild. This includes any comments that are discriminatory in nature. Also, behavior such as elitism doesn’t belong here.

-Keep Discord/Socials Clean: Do Not Spam. Spam includes but is not limited to commercial posts, petitions, NSFW material, and posts containing all-caps. Excessive @ to everyone/here included regarding Discord. Keep posts within the acceptable thread. Post featuring. Self-Promotion is allowed but only in said Self-Promotion thread.

-Rep Storm: Rep the guild during scheduled raids, events, or just running with us. We ask that each member makes effort at least once weekly to help improve guild resources and/or help fellow guild mates progress in some manner. We are one team and we help build each other up.

-Follow the Chain-of-Command: Follow the directions or your commanding officer and support them. Advising in a constructive, respectful, and properly timed manner is acceptable, however Backseat commanding is never allowed. Each member of the guild no matter how new will earn the rights to lead somewhere on the battlefield over time by following institutions and showing initiative.

-Ask Questions: Leadership is here to help every guild member feel welcomed and informed. If there is anything they can do to help you in any way feel free to ask, if the one you asked could not help you they can help connect you with someone who can.
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