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[NA] Order of Ash [PVP/PVE/PVX | 18+ Only |]

Order of Ash is a PVP, PVE, and PVX Guild planned to be on one of the NA servers. Our Guild Commander is Uncle Ida, with a ranking list for all members.

Our guild is broken into three different sections:
Order of War: Members who main in PVP.
Order of Trade: Members who main in professions and trade.
Order of Expedition: Members who main in PVE.
We plan on making a strong, connected community through our hierarchy and plan on making sure everyone feels accepted and part of the team.
The guild's only requirements is that you must at least be 18, and to not be a dick.

Discord: Click here


  • its a really dope guild ;) yall should check it out
  • Just a bit of info on the structure of the guild:

    * The three orders form to create the Order of Ash
    * There are five ranks within the order of Ash:

    0. Prospect a recruit that has yet to choose an order and yet to participate with the group in any way

    1. Guildsmen* A full member and has chosen a order as a primary focus. And has properly been but into a section

    2. Guildsmen 1st Class** a member who has shown participation in the guild and growth within an order

    3. Guild Lieutenant*** a guild officer who has taken the responsibility of a section (up to 10) members. lieutenants are responsible for helping newer members integrate into their orders and the guild as a whole. No new members are to be left out of guild activities. It's also a Lieutenant's job to train any interested Guildsmen 1st class's how to be a lieutenant so they can run their own section one day.

    4. Guild Captain**** a guild captain is an officer who has split (grown their section to capacity) multiple times and now helps oversee a division (multiple sections). They are responsible for growing and keeping their division active

    5. Guild Commander***** a Guild commander is either the leader of an order or is a guild captain who has led the success of multiple divisions and has been an integral part of the administration and success of the guild. Guild commanders are responsible for the leadership of all various guild parts, and each gets a vote in group decisions.

    * Besides the ranking within the order of ash, each order has its own ranking system.
    *Ranking of the Order of War:

    1. Conscript* member has shown interest and participation in PVP.

    2. Soldier** member has proven to be competent and reliable in PVP

    3. Man at Arms*** member has excelled in PVP and reliably participates in group PVP.

    4. Knight**** The best warriors our guild has to offer both in tactics and battle can be expected to lead in PVP engagements and is expected to help in the promotion of lower-ranking members

    5. Knight Commander***** Commander of all guild PVP and is responsible for growth and progression of the order. Is responsible for organizing and executing PVP events (position open)

    *Ranking of the Order of Trade:

    1. Apprentice* apprentices have shown interest in and aptitude for various trades.

    2. Journeymen** journeymen have chosen a specific trade and advanced in it.

    3. Artisan*** artisans have excelled in trade and helped to further the guild's economic endeavors.

    4. Master**** masters are the guild's greatest tradesmen. They have mastered a skill and used it to better our guild. Masters are expected to help lower-order mates progress and fulfill trade.

    5. Trades Commander***** The leader of our guild's economic sector. Is responsible for the progression of our guilds tradesmen and the growth of the order. And for selecting and executing economic goals for our guild, it is selecting land or resources to focus on.

    *Ranking of the Order of Expedition:

    1. Traveler* travelers have just begun to participate in group PvE

    2. Adventurer** adventurers have shown aptitude in PvE and have participated in multiple group events

    3. Pathfinder*** pathfinders are reliable and effective PvE'rs who regularly participate

    4. Vanguard**** vanguards are our guild's best and most active PvE'rs. They are expected to help lead raids and PvE events as well as assist their order mates in progressing in the order and PvE knowledge and skill

    5. Expedition Commander***** is the commander of all guild PvE activities is responsible for growing and progressing the order and organizing and executing PvE events (position open)

    * Members of the guild, while prioritizing in one order, will also have ranks in the other Orders as well, so if you want to do trade and PvE content, you will not be left out of the loop.
    * If you have any further questions, please DM me in the forums, or you can reach out via the guild's discord.

    Discord Link: Click Here
  • Uncleida wrote: »
    its a really dope guild ;) yall should check it out

    Thanks ;)
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