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The Black Tide Company [TBTCo] is recruiting! [US] PvX

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The Black Tide Company [TBTCo] is recruiting!

We are seeking out members who share an interest in the dangerous Adventures of the Open Seas who wished to carve out a piece of land to call are own!
To be Privateers as well as a Mercenary company who will seek out those profitable trade lanes and trade routes to either guard for our own or for those who wish to pay the iron price!

If player-versus-player isn't your Forte worry not for we are seeking members of craft and trade who will enjoy the bounties of their labor under the protection of our Fleet and Company.
We wish to build these two elements to make us as self-sustaining as we can be through not only teamwork but as one family.
Of course we will have a PVE aspect to our organization for who doesn't want to grab some adult beverages and slay dragons!
So if this excite you then grab your sword and let's carve out our own story together!

recruitment is open for alpha-1 through launch day. So come join me for alpha-1.

The Black Tide Company welcomes all play styles and experience levels. We are a North American (East Coast) based organization and will only accept members 20 years of age and older.

To apply go join : to set up an interview with TBTCo-Kraken#0256 by direct message.

To any guilds that wish to become affiliates and possibly future allies, please contact TBTCo-Kraken on discord for more information.
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