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[NA] Tea Party | PVX (PVE Focus?) | Social

NoragamiNoragami Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
Tea Party
[NA] | PVX (PVE Focus?) | Social

I'm sure that much like myself, many of you are excited about the eventual release of a new MMORPG which holds a lot of promise and potential to become one of the best MMOs released.

Anyone is welcome to join the discord, even if you are not sure you would like to be a guild member, as simply partying up during the Alpha/Beta phases and discussing the game would benefit us all.
As for the guild itself:

In an effort to create a community where we can experience the journey this game has to offer, progress through dungeons and raids in a social environment, and discuss various strategies, builds, and classes with the game, I have created the guild Tea Party.

We welcome all players, as long as you are respectful to one another and remember that we are a group with a common interest.

Personally, I am a PVE focused player in the sense that I would like to focus efforts on clearing major raid bosses, dungeons, etc, so the guild will likely slant in this direction; However, PVP players are also welcome, and it seems that PVX will be the natural course of the gameplay anyway.
Philosophy and Experience

As the guild master, throughout the guilds life span I will remain open to all suggestions for improvement. I believe that having great officers and a receptive guild master is crucial to the guild's health, and that ideas should be explored rather than dismissed.

I have a good amount of experience Raid Leading in Classic WoW, and while I am sure that some of that will carry over into being a GM, there is always areas everyone can improve in, including myself.
Discord Contact:

GM: NYomi#7431

I hope you join the discord and our guild, and would love to party up with you during the Alpha/Beta phases! I have Alpha 1 access so I will be playing during the upcoming non-NDA phases.
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