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Happy to see a budding RPer community!

JurielJuriel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
While I am not normally a huge RPer myself, I've started to appreciate RPers a lot more now that I am older. You guys always add a ton of immersion to the game and make it become more alive. I always felt that cross server play took away from the communities you used to find in MMOs, so I am excited to see this community grow!


  • VeleinVelein Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I have always found the roleplay community tends to help extend the life of games, and also bring additional fun to even though that don't roleplay as much [or at all]. Events such as festivals or performances that anyone can enjoy.

    The Ashes roleplay community will be a strong one, so expect lots of events you can enjoy.
    Ashes of Creation Roleplay Community -
  • JurielJuriel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2021
    Absolutely! I would always love it when I enter an Inn which was always all but abandoned the other 99 times Ive gone in, only to find it full of players acting out scenes and a dwarf drunkenly dancing on a table. From the moment I walk in I become 100% immersed in the game even if I do not participate.

    I've played with the idea of making a RP casual PVP/PVE merc guild.

    Who is for hire for the underdog to perpetuate the balance for chaos/order. Essentially, in the start we would propagate the building and establishment of cities. Where city states could and would war for territory. If things become too chaotic we would help defend cities and especially small towns to allow them to grow. If one guild begins to rule them all we would turn on that guild and probably become corrupted players ourselves, or at least support the corrupted players with equipment and potions which fight against the ordered system.

    The purpose in the end is to ensure the city content doesnt become locked and the only way to experience being a mayor is to "get in good with the strongest guild around". This way things stay open to everyone. It would also allow us to change our play style often enough to keep people engaged. We would have rules against griefing newbies within reason (Allowed to defend ourselves or if corrupted to steal resources to further chaos), but spawn camping or genuinely having fun at the expense of others is against the rules.

    Essentially we would be aligned as Chaotic Neutral as would want a constant state of flux.
  • i like to RP as an elf-hating dwarf in a elf dominated goes just about as well as it sounds. (they keep me caged up send help)
  • JurielJuriel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hahahah :D You sound like a perfect fit! (pun intended)
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