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Sunday Tournament

RamirezRamirez Member
edited May 2021 in General Discussion
People what you think about an Weekly tournament, with pre registration?

The tournament would have different team rules for example, this week will be 5 vs 5, every time can pick 10 players, 5 for substitutes in case someone can participate on the schedule, next week can be 8vs8 or 1vs1

During the the week you have the placements , need to be something limited like 3 games per team per day, top 20 teams with more points have access to the Sunday tournament

Sunday tournament will take place in one of the nodes, and will be like a festival day in the city with several activities for everyone outside the coliseum, a lot of people come to saw the tournaments can buy tickets, a limit of 100 or 200 tickets to watch instanced Tournament (would be easier to manage then open world) in a Coliseum ...

The tournament will have different stage rules to, every week will be announced before pre registration , like for example one week, spike walls every were and death pits, other week during the fight a boss join the fight, other week you can only pick players with main roll bard...

During the tournament will have two breaks , where will take activities for people that payed the tickets, like brawl battle royal in the ring, Follow the lead where you have a guy doing emotes and who fail the chronology is eliminated , if instruments got implanted , best Band tournament...

About the reward/price that would be something to think, but i think this would be great for twitch/youtube exposure, maybe is to much to be on release but maybe later with updates


  • ZeshioZeshio Member
    It would be interesting to have bigger colosseum style events. If the management leading up to the event was spot on, could be a good idea that's easy to sign up for. You could sign your team up, mark the times that work best for your team, and then wait for placement (and get something in your mailbox to confirm). Would be a cool end node idea to have a big collosseum.
  • truelytruely Member, Alpha One
    It could be interesting as a type of high level node event.
  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Players could certainly organize this on their own, with prizes. A tavern could organize their own match, with entrance fees, and 80% of the fees paid out as prizes. Nice idea!
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