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Siege Battles Question

DkinsDkins Member
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Good day Everyone, I had some questions for those who are in the know. Askin for a friends. Srry about duplicate post...

What if all I want to do is command my guild in siege battles all day every day?

What if my guild has groups from multiple timezones and they want to maintain siege warfare in ocx/sea/and eu? Will the party go on 24/7.

Will so much be dependent on a single siege outcome or will there be a cumulative score that multiple timezones can contribute to the greater goal over the course of a week/month?

Wwill there be more objectives to focus on or are all 250 expected to attack the one final castle. Can smaller groups/guilds play impactful roles in other parts of the map that also requires sieging..little towers/forts. Etc. Can supply lines be cut?

And finally If Im playing a pvp mode am I required to do pve boss battles to be successful?

Thank you:)


  • bloodprophetbloodprophet Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    99% of all gear will be crafted. You get materials from monsters and use them to make gear. Raiding required no. Almost nothing will be soul bound. If you have the cash you can buy your gears vs making them.

    Seiges will take place during prime time for the server region it is in. Expected to last 2 hours at this point. Further testing needed.
    We don't know enough about all the aspects of the seiges yet to know if capturing other way points will be a thing or not yet.

    Seiges will be monthly for castles. Node sieges the rarity of them will depend on your server. Some servers will be more agressive then others so they are more likely to happen.
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  • Each server will have primte-time time zone specified. "Objective-based events such as Node sieges, Castle sieges, Guild wars, and Node wars will occur within a prime-time window somewhere between 3PM and 9PM server time. This is subject to testing"
    Single siege outcomes matter, there is no cumulative nature to them. In fact there is a grace period after a node siege where another can't be declared.
    There are multiple objectives yes, in the example we saw the dragons can be killed for buffs. There is one penultimate goal in the sieges but other objectives like closer spawn points etc can be captured, but the siege will ultimately either fail or be successful is my understanding.
  • DkinsDkins Member
    Hey thanks for the responses.

    Too bad. I thought they might make the siege a bonafide game mode rather than just an event. It seems like they put plenty of love into it. Lots of potential there I think.
  • There will be other means for large scale PvP hopefully :). Sounds like you might enjoy chasing caravans. I don't believe there are classic 'battlegrounds' in the game though, like capture the flag sort of thing, but the game might benefit from it if people really love the large scale PvP so that those players don't have to sit around and wait for the next siege.
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