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Season of Ashes

In the our real world we have four well known seasons. This is a nice way to bring in the feeling that the world is livable, but I believe there should be a small separation between real world nostalgia, and new game uniqueness. I say there should be another fifth season, one that is strange to us. Like the leaves fall away and globs of jelly form and flow from where leaves and fruit once grew, the sun and moon shimmer with a illusion like haze that lingers above.
Or maybe a season of corruption one where nature twists and contorts to a unnatural chaotic form, A time where corruption is gained at a higher level, and if corruption emits a red mist.


  • Could be a nice "expansion" idea. Like the Legion in WoW, 'something' invades the world of Ashes and everything goes dark. We don't get the normal seasons back until we defeat the evil (all hail PvE).
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