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New and Old

New world to explore, quests, dungeons and raids to experience.

Have travelled afar, and look forward to long journeys in great lands.

The first was Asheron's Call, where I first, started in 1999, by running far and wide, to explore the new world. This was 4 years, I enjoyed to my virgins heart.

Have looked through 22 other worlds, without finding a place to find adventure again. This does look like place to run free.

May we find each other, and touch the ends of the world!



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    Ayyeee! Totally relatable! MMORPG's are a currently dying genre for games. Ashes of Creation will hopefully fix that, and make it great again! Anyways, Its great to see new people around here, and almost forgot. Welcome to the Forums :D There is a decent amount of talk and suggestions about the game inside here, and even some good information! But if you do want more, join the <a href="">Discord</a>. That place has some sneeky peekies going on. Anyways, I once again welcome you here, and have fun :D

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    Oh yes, filling your day with exploration and adventure, settle down at a warm fire at night, listen to others stories and sharing your own.
    Those were the great days I enjoyed the most in MMOs, I dearly hope those days will be revitalized wit h Ashes. I wish us that and hopefully our support get's us a step closer to it.

    Hope to see you around, I always have another cup of tea for some merry talking.
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