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Does AoC share the same damage and mob attributes mechanics as Ragnarok Online?

I've been very interested in the pve combat mechanics of this game. I'd really love to see the damage calcs (of what I believe is the best mechanics of any MMO, Ragnarok Online) to be integrated into this game. I saw this and it tends to be leaning that direction. I was wondering if anyone has more info on this topic.

Just to clarify in Ragnarok online all mobs have:
elemental attributes (Fire weak to water)
size (dagger 100% dmg to small)
race (slotted weapon cards added % damage)

I do know Lineage 2 shares these mechanics I just hope it's being expanded on.


  • ZeshioZeshio Member
    edited June 2021
    There's obviously some similarities but of course it is its own game. The wiki has the same information we all have as a community- so anything past that is speculation until we hear more.

    I doubt the devs will share their specific damage calculations to the player base, but it shouldn't be hard to see our defenses calculated in a player-facing UI once more systems are developed.
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