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Cardinal Direction Tracking/Positioning UI

PendragxnPendragxn Member
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Hi there,

I recently watched one of the latest live streams featuring development updates for AoC and the current alpha siege battle preview. However it later came to my attention that after watching the video as well as hearing one of the Developers in the video ask Steve what direction he meant as saying that enemies were in-front of the castle. I know it sounds trivial but not having noticed a compass or cardinal directions i.e North, East, South or West integrated into the players user interface experience had me a little puzzled. I personally from my own experiences think for battles or tactical based siege in open world combat involving multiple players that this is a needed feature to be able to shotcall for large groups as well as call out enemy positions with accuracy and low latency to enable pincer manoeuvres like flanks for better players vs player combat experience. Although a cardinal directional feature isn't necessarily needed from what I also gathered from the alpha preview, and I understand the fog of war is present so also wonder if this will be added as a feature in some elements such as on prerequisite battle-plans i.e. maps or as an item based on-click utility tool.


  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I admit my perspective here is odd, but....

    I don't have a built in compass. Life would be easier if I did, but I have to look around me to orient myself on streets, buildings and landmarks. When I am in the countryside, I use the sun or stars and if it is cloudy then things get confusing.

    I wouldn't mind if AoC was the same, we had to rely on our own abilities instead of built in tech help whether it is a compass or a 'meters to target' reading. Yes, it would be more challenging to organize group battles - which means that the more highly skilled groups with the best leaders and most experienced players would win. I am OK with that. If you want to win, learn to lead, get better at what you do.

    Perhaps we have allowed ourselves to get kinda spoiled, maybe?
  • tautau wrote: »
    I admit my perspective here is odd, but.... Perhaps we have allowed ourselves to get kinda spoiled, maybe?

    I feel you on the perspective part though oddly as it seems that's a very interesting point of view, one of which I'll be pondering over as an acceptable answer... To some level I do agree with you that my question does pose a level of sheer laziness, but my personal perspective and thinking was more along the lines of accessibility. Additional utility to the UI for navigation from my experience of playing with others can benefit or aid even some of the most awkward, lazy or just directionally challenged members to co-ordinate as an organized group when necessary, while in some form it also counter balances the playing field and narrows down some smaller aspects of the high-low end skill gap you mentioned. I have no problem with admitting when I've been bettered by someone more skilled or with more experience though the question was playing on my mind so had to ask.

    Appreciate the response :)

  • Hiya friend! In previous testing videos there was a compass present at the top of the UI, though I believe in our more recent videos the UI did not include it. Much of the UI is still placeholder at this time, and we'll be looking for your additional feedback on that front as we dive deeper into testing!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist with in the meantime!
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