The Unofficial @AshesofCreation Roleplay Server is up and running!

MaezrielMaezriel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

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Who we are: We are a community built for roleplayers of Ashes of Creation to find a home where they can grow. New roleplayers or veteran roleplayers, both have a spot within the community. We strive to maintain an environment that allows roleplayers to thrive in this bold new world of Verra.

Our goal: Give a voice to all in a welcoming environment. To help nurture those wishing to learn how to roleplay, and reinforce those that have been roleplaying for years. To stay an active community from alpha to the final days of the game.

Our promise: No single person will control the roleplay community. It is led by a group of staff whose focus is to keep the community running smoothly. Everyone will have a fair chance within the community, and we welcome all ideas, suggestions and critiques.


Join us today in founding this new community to see it rise up from the ashes into an everlasting life within Ashes of Creation.
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