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[Feedback]Please, use a better regional pricing system converter at release

Please, use a better regional pricing system converter at release. Xsolla have 0 forgiveness. This is 1/3 of a Minimum Brazilian Monthly Wage for the current cheapest pack.

The game need a system like Steam's, it locks the games by the country, and no, VPN is not bypassing this system. If it followed the Xsolla conversion, New World would be +/- 200 $BRL

Btw, you can see this Pricing Chart information on SteamDB

It doesn't need to be on Steam, but to find a similar system like they have will be hard. The game could have separareted regional releases there, like a South American client just to afford our playerbase OR just use 3rd-party DRM to redirect to your Launcher, but do the) transactions via Steam (or just some regional transactions).

Just some feedback. Hugs.


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