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Guild Gathering #5 - Fondest Memory



  • Cold 0ne FTBCold 0ne FTB Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Late to the party but I am a pvper to the core. I have had many really good fights but my fondest memories are those crazy moments when in fights when you are able to pull off massive damage or a crazy number of kills as an out numbered group. Some pretty good highlights from my time in ESO.

    That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.
  • Ultima Online - Watching my pal poison the food at a wedding and collect loot from their corpses - Raiding people right into their homes and camping them

    Everquest - Literally killing the gods to which people have prayed the entire game - that's a real big one, the amount of time leveling (while extraordinarily long) did provide for many meaningful encounters with other people throughout the world

    WoW - Being the only guild on the server past Mother Shahraz pre-nerf BT, felt cool at the time
  • truelytruely Member, Alpha One
    My recent one was a jumping puzzle in FFXIV I was doing it with a guildie and some others were cheering us on, after 2 hours I completed it and it felt great.
  • YuquiyuYuquiyu Member

    Glorious Ashes community - we're excited to continue our new series called Guild Gatherings! Guild Gathering topics are a "reverse Q&A" similar to our Dev Discussions, where we ask you about your thoughts on everything related to guilds.

    Our team has compiled a list of questions we'd love to get your feedback on regarding guild tools, gameplay, your previous experiences, and more. Join in on our Guild Gatherings and share how your gaming family is special to you!

    Guild Gathering #5 - Fondest Memory
    Share your fondest guild memory from your history of gaming. Bonus points for sharing pictures and/or videos!

    Keep an eye out for our next Guild Gathering topic regarding internal conflict!

    Hi again friends! Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and share some of your fondest guild memories <3 we had a blast reading through them all! Check out some of the top notes you shared with us below:
    • Many highlighted the moments when guild collaboration and coordination made all the difference
    • Others shared stories of epic battles where their guild may have been outnumbered, but still managed to hold their own and have fun
    • Several shared memories of their more social experiences, from emotes to role playing to guild-run events and beyond

    All in all, we thought this quote summed up many of your sentiments quite well ;)

    my fondest and greatest memories in gaming were some of the most impactful ones in game at the time aswell
    where my shields and abilities saved countless teammates when we were getting clapped at crucial moments
    they basically decided weather we lived or died

  • Lineage 2 also here.

    The best part for me was large guild vs guild wars and castle sieges. The pregame moments, post victory celebrations, and intense action during large scale organized fights was the best.

    The grind was team based and raids guild based so you definitely spend a lot of time building relationships with your people. Leveling our support chars was a real effort for the guild, and while it made PvE harder, it made PvE all the better.

  • Juicy DubsJuicy Dubs Member
    edited July 5
    I wish I had screenshots, but what I'm about to share is perhaps my FONDEST memory from any MMORPG that I've ever played, and is something that stems from other Dev discussions as well as the forum's other discussions (namely: COMMUNITY).

    With my very first MMORPG being Final Fantasy XI back in like 2003, you were locked into the character you chose. Your name, race, and gender could not be magically changed by throwing money at it. And here's why it matters...

    Final Fantasy XI leveling was entirely done out in the world, grinding mobs on maps alongside dozens of other parties. There was little competition for mobs because of the time and effort it took to take each one down, until one-too-many parties joined in and had to wait for a spot after another disbanded or relocated to more rewarding mobs for their level. Because of this and the time investment that was required, while I don't expect Ashes to implement this type of grind (as much as I loved it) the reputation of those who caused problems for other players was something that MATTERED.

    In Final Fantasy XI the only way to change your name used to be: 1) create a character with the same name on another server, 2) pay for a server transfer to that same server, forcing a name change, and 3) if you wanted to transfer back to the same server, pay the fee once more. Not having the ability to change one's name meant that your tie to that name became quite important, and along with it - your reputation on that server and among its community. However, in Final Fantasy XIV, should you become a problematic person who disrupts the experience of multiple players -- no problem! Buy a Name Change and throw in a Fantasia for good measure to become someone else entirely, and all was forgiven! They no longer know who you are or who you used to be unless they kept a very small friend list and communicated with them regularly.

    Having the ability to change one's name might make more money, but I don't see it as somewthing that should ever be provided in MMORPGs - or at the very least, allowed only once. If players find themselves blacklisted by the majority of their server and unable to complete content because they were being a toxic individual, let them endure the consequences of their actions. They can roll an alt on the same server or try a different one, but they should not be able to continue doing the same things repeatedly with a clean slate for $10 and no running track record.

    If name changes are decidedly a thing that is already going to be possible, allow players to see each other's previous name(s) upon inspection / examining of one another. Let it be a running record that can be traced on the game's character search. If I ignore or blacklist a player - which is a feature I use incredibly sparingly in the first place - I would like my decision to ignore that player to be permanent until a time when I decide to remove them myself. Not because they circumvented it for $10.

    Alternatively when blocking a player, let it apply to that person's ACCOUNT including all alts on all servers - and not just the character or server itself. I don't want to see chats from other characters on their account, nor end up in dungeons with one of their alts. When your player reputation matters, this is indeed one of my fondest memories from my very first MMORPG experience: That who you are as a person is represented through your character and gameplay, positive or negative, and you had to own that reputation for better or worse.
  • OGFrontOGFront Member
    Without a doubt my fondest memory comes down to two things.. while growing up I was mostly an academic, focused on studies, but I loved sitting on my Pops lap watching him raid in wow and taking his headset and talking to our family friends and his other random guildies. then eventually getting my own pc as a surprise gift and my dad letting me play with him, and getting the drop he had been trying to get for almost a year.. just all the time I was able to spend with my pops while I had the time
  • Yours truly lived out a fantasy I'd had since a teenager, in my 20's: I was an Admiral of the Empire, in Star Wars: Galaxies. Not just in RP; Literally in both form and function!

    Google Photos don't always load - which is why I stopped using a signature, for the AoC forums. If these pictures show up as code instead of images, you can try looking at this thread another time. They're working for me right this moment, but they don't always; sometimes it looks like long lines of code, instead. At least Google Photos is still free to use, though; Photobucket has several cherished images of mine that I no longer have direct possession of otherwise, and they won't release them unless I subscribe to a package....

    A briefing before a battle. In 2008, yours truly hosted a 7-part battle series for Space PvP, that ended up tying at 3-3 at Battle Six. The final battle was a come-from-behind victory for us, featuring a very unique Battle Seven. Here, I brief both our own community's pilots, as well as a few other pilots who made the briefing. This was issued as a public "server space-war", led by our guild against Orion Sol's JEDl, on the Bria mainserver of live-production SWG.

    The single best space-PvP screenshot I ever took, during Battle Four of our series. A couple of Rebel Alliance pilots really handed me my rear-end. This series was the defining moment of many career-pilot players' time in the game, with many of them finding me later and relating how they'd never taken part in anything else quite like it.

    The series included a few RP elements. Here, a bewildered Admiral Ahl-Vinn comes upon what he can only assume is some kind of cult meeting, having been unfamiliar with the Jedi. Ironically, he is present to deliver the first shipment of a fleet to arm his soon-to-be enemies. My RP tied into actual events, the vast majority of the time; The first shipment really was a delivery of 40 "ship kits" that I'd manufactured for use by the ever-dominant JEDl community, on Bria.

    Running a shop was a great source of pride, in SWG. There were odd mechanics of the game I knew about, too. Here, if you look carefully, I've collected all 3 of the "ship pets" from the SWG TCG. If you didn't collect the deed, then you could drop it as a physical item for decoration. If you didn't know to do that before collecting a deed, however, then you could NEVER use the item as a decoration - even if you came into possession of another one, later! Loved having the Naval Trooper look come in, with the City Sieges that were a late addition to the game.

    It's greatly my hope that housing will change from static decoration to free-form placement, in AoC; it's not currently slated this way, however. Some people were genuine artists with in-game decoration, and I even recall hiring 2 separate players to decorate different buildings, for me - though did a great share of my own.

    At any rate, I'm hoping to bring my events-hosting experience to AoC in grand fashion (150+ player events in SWG, and 100+ events in SWTOR)! Yours truly will lobby for ever-more events-support and tools with which we can host unique events in AoC.

  • many fond memories.

    But sticking out are surely the moments when one made a difference. For instance being a hunter of newbie killers in L2 making sure beginners could do their first grinds in (relative) peace and seeing the PKers leave the zone as soon as your character name showed up in the list...

    Be it as a crafter/shop owner in SWG (pre NGE)/EQ2 (early) when a difficult and/or dangerous craft with a rare component became a pristine item and did not destroy the rare (EQ2). And the result was an item that MEANT something and was not replaced by a stupid fetchquest item within a level.

    Even though they were a horrid grind and -- in retrospect -- were a lot of stress, the late EQ expansion raids, EQ2 world raids. It was a sense of achievement even if you were only a cog in the machine of 2 raid groups trying to take down a boss.

    World PvP in EQ2, making sure that the Commonlands and Freeport were safe from enemies ... doing a bit of RP on the side and fulfilling the will of the Overlord. :) And related, taunting your first human enemy as a tank/bruiser class thus saving a squishy in PvP who then nuked said enemy into oblivion.

    I wish I had saved some of those moments as screenshots, but I was never much a collector of tangible memories in MMOs.
  • I've never actually been part of a guild so to speak, but recently been invited to 3 wholesome as guilds that have welcomed me and my new player characters to everything. I can honestly thank AoC for sparking this confidence!
  • GarotheonGarotheon Member
    edited July 12
    i was never much of a guild guy, i was the singleplayer gamer, who got invited to play mmo's, i started with LOTRO, Perfect world, AQ3d, and keep going one day i started playing Conquerors Blade (its like a mount and blade online), its a Strategy game with units and heroes, the all game is the world pvp with the clans, i got into the Legionarios a Brazilian Guild, there is one of the principal cities Continopolis, the first who conquers the city and keep it until the end of the war turn into the champion of the season (it was season 5), and was awesome me and all the boys in there together made a aliance with the Asterion a Argentinian/chile guild and with the Mors a PVP focus brasilian guild, that joined us because it looked funny to challenge the Imperium/Reapers/CasaBR hegeonomy , and the do it it was awesome, almost all season we was in defencive, trying to hold ours Guilds Hq, and in the end of the season we crashed the continopolis walls and take it from Imperium who was conquered first, and we keep it unti the end of the war. i was with the Scout/Persuer group outside of the city, it was awesome, and the guys whare happy to do it, all the time we have did trainnig's creating tactic's strategies and worth in the end, all the times we go leveling up our troops all for the conquest, for the golden pot in the end of the rainbow, it was awesome

    from whem we get the capital and winned the season


    no ideia how to put screenshots here LOL
  • PacificOshiePacificOshie Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    First of all, thank you for asking about our fondest guild memories!

    Activities from multiple guilds. Being a member of multiple guilds provides a way to experience a variety of group activities. Some guilds focus on resource farming versus gear farming, or market trading versus combat fighting.
    My fondest memory is going from a furniture auction in one guild to a group dungeon event in another guild.

    Social guild events. Housing decoration contests, furnishing yardsales, auctions, clearing bosses in a zone, collecting skill points, and areas of interest achievements.
    My fondest memory is chatting in discord while we were all fishing together. Spending time with fun people and hearing some really funny stories.

    Helpful guildmates. Guilds with enough members so there is a guildmate online anytime of day, so whether you need a hand with a boss fight or someone to craft you training gear, they're there for you.
    My fondest memory is when I had a quest to make Hearty Garlic Corn Chowder but I didn't have any garlic and I didn't know where to find any garlic, so I asked the guild, and I was showered in garlic and useful tips.

    Lately, I have been torn between two games because one game has very high realism, physics, and immersion but lacks guilds, and another game with a strong community of guilds but lacks realistic gameplay. Well, I spend most of my time in the one with guilds. The people in the game make a difference. Without them, it's just not as fun.
  • AzmodiousAzmodious Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    It would be when we were running mass multi Merchant ship runs in Archage. Defiantly my favorite time in gaming. Behind that, underwater carrot dash runs.
  • AlvalonAlvalon Member
    My fondest memory of gathering is when guild banks were added in WoW and I remember putting crafted items in the bank for other people in the guild to use. I loved the sharing spirit we had and the fact that we were able to save money in the bank which we were planning to buy in-game guild house with (it was a private RP server).. I really liked that.
  • HaguenHaguen Member
    edited July 24
    Probably this:

    I used to play World vs. World in Gw2. We were a hardcore guild who enjoyed outnumber combats, 20 organised players vs. the world... I have never felt the same thing again at any game.
    After Arenanet politics of empower casual players and banish the hardcore community, we quit like most of hardcore WvW guilds. It was impposible play like that anymore, the game turned to large zergs of people pushing the autoattack, and eventually, the maps started to be empty of players.
    After that we try BD, Teso, Archeage... but we couldn’t find any game with a combat system like that.
    That period was probably my best experience on videogames.

    Note: I’m not the guy in the video, I was there with him, but I didn’t use to record gameplays.
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