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**[NA] Blackwater Company | PVX | Community | Hardcore | 18+**

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Blackwater is a guild in the making for Ashes of Creation, with a Napoleonic era theme.

We intend to become a vital port along the coasts of Verra, and with your help it'll rise! Community through mutual interests will be the lifeblood of our success.

The aim is to be semi-hardcore - enough that we can become competitive without suffering through the burnout. Although we won't force you to be more than a casual, those who contribute the most will be rewarded.

All different kinds of content can be expected. Eventual expansion of our borders will depend on our numbers, talent, and perseverance.

Our node type will likely either be PvP, or Economic. However in the future, we hope to take on all different kinds of nodes. Specific geopolitical strategies will remain undisclosed.

What's happening in the meantime?
In the mean time of waiting, recruitment is happening. We can have movie nights, play games together - and if we get the numbers, maybe even take on Albion as a means of solidifying our teamwork, leadership, and strategy. But ultimately, what we do in the meantime will be up to you - the community.

Officer Positions open:
Military (PvP)
Raid Lead

or Drek#6232 on discord


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