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Node Wall Evolution

edited June 2021 in General Discussion
Hey Ash People.

I was just thinking how cool it would be if some of the walls you had in your city would stay when it levels up. In Europe we often have medieval time stone walls in city centers, and over time the city grew out of it (if you're interested google Bamberg). Having multiple walls can be useful for:
- multiple lines of defense in a siege.
- historical importance. remember the old city stage times, where our metropolis didn't have to deal with them pesky vassal nodes.
- maybe it comes handy in development, when you can keep some stuff from previous stages.

I'd love to hear what you think about that.

gg anderson


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    ZeshioZeshio Member
    Could be a cool idea, especially if leveling cities maintained the original structure but just built another layer outside of it.
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    @Zeshio Exactly! They don't have to keep all existing structures - some old ones will be in the way for city expansion and some just won't age well. For example, I cant imagine wooden walls making it till the metropolis stage. But if a portion of the structures will endure, this would feel awesome for citizens that lived through the whole leveling process.
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