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Saying hi and asking a question

Greetings everyone.
I came across this little gem of a game idea some time ago, but only now decided to register and say hi to all people.
I've been playing MMORPGs like WoW, ESO and Guild Wars 2 for a few years, but only WoW has managed to keep me coming back as sad as that may be. I've been especially interested in RP part of MMORPGs, and I'm really looking forward to what Ashes of Creation will be able to offer on that part.
With that brief introduction out of the way, I also have a small question. Having browsed the forums a little I noticed a kickstarter for the game being mentioned a couple of times. What I wonder is if anyone has any clue when that will happen, assuming it will happen? I get that dates might not be set just yet, but any clues would be appreciated.

Thanks before hand, and hello to you all once more!


  • <by now wanders around with a makeshift table and fresh tea. Setting it down everywhere to enjoy a good talk and stories>
    Well hello there, fancy meeting you here.

    Let me welcome you in this growing community.

    To get straight to your question, there are 2 things we know for now.
    1. The Alpha is planned to happen Q4 this year.
    2. The kickstarter will happen when we reached certain milestones (technical wise for the game as well as community side)

    So, we do not really know more than >>Soon-tm<<
    I can only offer you a consolodiation prize with <a href="">the official discord of the game</a> to hang out with the community and the devs that come to talk frequently. You will get the information as soon as it is fixed very prominently there too.

    Have a sip, stick around and have fun!
  • Cursed be the infamous Soon™ to claim another victim!
    Ah well. Thank you for the comment, Grisu, I'll be looking forward to the Alpha (though there are no guarantees I'll get in it) and the kickstarter. I'll probably won't be hanging that much around the discord channel, I've always preferred forum styled communication mostly.
    And thanks for the tea!
  • Welcome to the community Nikodemus! They pretty much said SoonTM because there are some major milestones that they want to hit first BEFORE moving into a Kickstarter which honestly is the best thing they can do! I've seen so many mmo projects fail in Kickstarter because they show up with only grant ideas and perhaps some concept art. Having something substantial to show will help bring a greater turn around.
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