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[NA] Divine Affliction | PvX | 18+ | All Content | Elite | RP friendly

edited July 2021 in NA Guild Recruitment
The guild for all things AoC!

We have a strategic plan in place for the release looking for experienced and equally skilled players to join our ranks for PVE, PVP and Commerce content who are looking at an economic trade node to call home and are aspiring for the hardest content in the game.
Between the two guild master we have over 30 years of mmo experience. currently accepting applications for all combat roles who have experience to help build and be leaders in combat and commerce. I apologize at this time we are not accepting new to mmo players as we want to find others to help with the teaching and growing of our guild first to get a better sense on how many new or less experienced mmos players we can take on. application for new players will be available soon.

In order to provide a happy healthy gaming community, we will be enforcing a 0 tolerance policy in regards to prejudicial behavior towards other members.

please send your application to our discord
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