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Will last years pre-order get access to alpha 1?

I see that there is a $250 Alpha 1 preorder package and was wondering a few things. First, is this preorder bundle only offering Alpha 1 testing or does it include everything up to the launch day? Second, if it does include everything after alpha 1 do the people who preordered over a year ago need to wait for Alpha 2 or do we have a chance to get into Alpha 1 with no extra charge? Lastly is there a way to get into Alpha 1 without buying the current $250 package? I understand that the pandemic pushed back a lot of development but with the NDA being lifted soon I'd love to get into the Alpha 1 to stream and dedicate a lot of time into playing/testing/having fun!



  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Moderator, Member, Founder, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hi MrMcDuffie

    I think there's a little bit of confusion. The $250 pre-order pack only gives access to Alpha 2 and the Beta tests. If you want access to Alpha 1 you will need to buy the Adventurer pack which costs $500. This gives you access to all the testing phases from now until release.

    If you already have a pack you can upgrade to the Adventurer pack through the store by paying the difference between your current pack and the Adventurer pack.

    Currently the only way to gain access to the Alpha tests is to buy a pre-order pack. Intrepid occasionally do give-aways but there aren't any planned for now.

    I hope that answers your questions. I'm going to close this thread now but if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out again.
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