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thoughts so far

ChicagoChicago Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
curious to see what some of your thoughts on the alpha is now that we can see footage

for an alpha in my opinion the game looks amazing, the combat looks alot more fluid than i previously thought and the graphics are incredible, the team really has done an amazing job

obviously there are a couple of things i dont like the main one being, something about the world feels really un immersive, almost as though you are playing in a painting, however it does look alot better on the version in the live streams and i definitely understand this is just an alpha.

the ranged auto attack seems a little fast, but the mage blink looks incredible!

what are some of your thoughts on the alpha so far!


  • JeepJeepJeepJeep Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I think an alpha is always going to be innately un-immersive and ESPECIALLY in the preview stage it is in now. We are constantly being remind controls and to report bugs so immersion will be broken.

    As far as your concerns for it having a feeling of being in a painting, I think it might be something a viewer will feel watching streams or videos. In my own experience I never felt this and I felt like the graphics match quite well with the feeling and ideology of Ashes.

    For me, seeing the big dust dragons just outside the starting area and having them die to a level 1 with a wand immediately kills the feeling of immersion and progress. But, I believe these are just placed out in the world so that we can see fighting and death animations and make sure everything is all the way it should be. I would hope these cooler creature would be towards the higher level node areas.

    Sill, There are moments while playing I will look around me at the people running next to me and the views and see the GREAT potential for immersion.

    P.S. Yes mages are OP lul
  • ChicagoChicago Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    definitley man, as i said the immersion looks entirely different on the live streams with toast and steven so im sure its just the alpha, and you are definitely right on that, i haven't had a chance to play I'm only watching some streamers so it may feel completely different, 😊

    im super pumped for the alpha 2 so i can jump in and test some stuff, all in all it looks incredible for an alpha 1
  • AerlanaAerlana Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    most of time in MMORPG, you begin your character with a small cinematic
    This single thing helps a lot to immerse yourself while discovering a MMORPG

    There is other thing : the simple fact we are focused ourself "only a alpha1 test, not even a combat, class and other thing like this test, all will be wiped soon enough"
    When you first played other mmorpg you wasnt with such mind.

    When i tried FFXIV ARR beta, i had 0 immersion, but when i did the release, and came back to my character already lvl 20 (the open beta allowed to go to lvl 20 without wipe after it) yes i managed, without "trying" to begin to immerse myself.

    I dont say "dont worry all will be good" but just "now we can't have a good opinion about it"
  • I dont want to hate on it, i understand its a real alpha, i know there will be years of development, and im aware many popular games had worse looking alpha. And this opinion is based on streams and videos.

    With all that said, IMHO, it looks bland.
    Its missing a unique style. The world wants to feel real but gives me old game vibes, i dont know if its a graphic, aesthetic or artstyle thing. For me New World had no personality but atleast looked like a new game.
    The interaction between the characters and the world felt odd. It was like puppets moving before a picture. The mobs had animations, but it didnt felt that these movements had interaction with the surroundings.
    The basic attacks are super not satisfying. On target they make a sound but the feeling of the impact is off with the wide aoe swings (imo BA should be single target but thats another story), on random objects they just go through wich is super off putting.
    UI is super ugly, although its 100% a placeholder.
    Every stream i saw is laggy.

    Once again i know the focus is on the infrastructure and performance, for sure these things will get better, i just wanted to say what i disliked.
    Alpha over all looks very promising, im excited for the continuous development.
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