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[NA] Armada | PvX | New

DrunkninjaDrunkninja Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
[NA] Armada | PvX

Armada is a new guild. I am looking for like minded individuals who want to be a part of the grass roots for an organisation in Ashes of Creation. The goal of recruiting this early is to solidify a team dedicated to the long term development of a successful guild.

The positions I'd like to fill first are as follows:

War Master - A person who is adept at PvP and wants to take part in all of its aspects. A leader and someone who is willing to give instruction and work with other officers.

Master Diplomat - A person with charisma and an inclination for talking. Someone who will enjoy meeting other guilds, big named players or anyone worth talking to.

Spy Master - An individual with a specific skill set. Someone with patience, foresight and willing to make the right connections. Be ever vigilant and wary of enemies. Someone who can get their hands dirty.

Master Craftsman - Someone with an inclination for making money and who enjoys logistics. A person who can direct others and create large goals with a broad scope. A team player.

If you are interested in joining you won't be turned away, though my first goal is finding people interested in these leadership roles. Once together we as a group can determine the direction the guild will take in its adventure in Ashes of Creation!

If you are curious about myself, one of these roles or a just want to be a member of a new guild feel free to message me and we can get to know one another.

My Discord <;
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