PVP limited by nodes

Firstly, I haven't really played the game because I can't afford it and don't have much free time anyways, but i've watched some videos and read about it quite a lot. Secondly, I'm from Brazil, so my english might not be all that good, forgive me if any grammar mistakes.
As an old school MMORPG player, specially Tibia for quite some years, this game made me quite excited because of all the freedom and old school mechanics that will be implemented.

I was watching some youtubers talking about the pvp system and how they don't think that an open pvp system works in a nowadays MMORPG. And from my tibia experience, things can get a little... unpleasent. Note that i'm not saying that it wont work, im just trying to introduce what i'm going to suggest

Well, getting to the point, I believe it would extremely more casual friendly if pvp were limited by nodes. But how ?
Let's say you have an area that are dominated by elves. In this area, it could feature
1) A protection zone for elves, unless an elf start agression on another player. Normal pvp for every other race.
2) No death loss if elves are killed in the area the area where elves are dominant, only if killed outside of it.

The goal of this system would not only make the game more casual friendly, but also create some fear and feeling of danger when exploring areas that are not dominated by your race - entering the "dwarvens" territory as an elf, for example, could be dangerous.

Anyways, it's just an idea that I had when thinking about the subject and for sure it could be changed and worked on.
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