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Black Wolf Company is seeking members to add to our pack as we move into Verra. We are looking for people who want to be part of a tight knit group that is looking to add more than just another number to the roster. Before moving things forward, we would want to have a trial period with our recruits, talk to you on discord and get a feel to see if you would really vibe with us. We want people to play with long term and want to do fun shit and enjoy the over all content of the game at a mid-core pace. We aren’t extremely hardcore, we are super friendly, and are willing to teach and support our members more than you could imagine. We’re not looking for E-RPers or trolls. We can dig mild RP. We want people who embrace our core values which include characteristics like Integrity, Teamwork, Compassion, Honor, and Humility. We’re not looking for people who need to boast or brag, but rather people who just wanna have fun and show their skill through their actions. Although a couple of us are a little hardcore, spend tons of time in the game world, we also feel like it’s important to also be a contributing member to society. We think it’s important to prioritize our real lives and will support each other in that aspect as well.

Currently the Black Wolf Co is comprised of a very diverse group of players all with different levels of intensity when it comes to gaming. Some of us raid have experience in high-difficulty pve/pvp, some of us are casual, some of us are big time crafters and some of us just want to do whatever with our friends.

We are open to people who want to lead and help organize the guild as they grow with us.

If interested please hit us up or join our discord: https://discord.gg/ta86uQqccf For further details you can review our Charter or ask me specific questions!

- Nade Rohirrim.
Discord: Nade#1164
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