Possible Fix for The laggy streams.

Hello, this is a message to the technical team at Intrepid. I was just recently hanging out in Jalon’s stream (Paradox Gaming Network). He has been having issues with his stream lagging, as I’m sure you guys are aware. Along with about 10 others you all know about according to Jalon. (I may have mis remembered the number 10)

I’m certainly no technical engineer so I could be wildly off.

That said, I am a very experienced OBS user and have helped many trouble shoot random OBS issues. I’m also an avid Gamer who has played and randomly streamed many many games.

Sometimes I think I might like settings and troubleshooting more than games (that’s a joke of course)

I have a hunch that I really think you guys may benefit from if you hear me out.

Trying to help Jalon, it came to my attention that there is no in game FPS limiter setting. Jalon is streaming from 1 pc. If I had to take a guess, I would guess that the others having problems are also on a 1 pc set up and are also using OBS to stream.

Now from experience I know that if you are on a one pc set up, for whatever forsaken reason OBS DOES NOT LIKE STREAMING MANY GAMES IF YOU RUN THE GAME OVER 60 FPS.

even if your pc can run the game at 240 FPS, and you cap the game (in the in game settings) at 140 FPS, OBS still will drop frames for whatever reason.

This is not true for all games but I have ran into this in many games.

I’m sure you all have a test client for internal use only.

I would suggest adding an FPS limit setting and test streaming with OBS (of course with a 1 pc setup) and see if the stream lags. (Check in obs for how many frames are dropped)

Then limit the in game FPS to 60 or just below and see if it solves the problem.

I understand I could be way off here but from a plethora of experience with OBS I have found OBS DOES NOT LIKE a game running over 60 FPS when you are on 1 pc.

There may be another fix with obs I’m unaware of but limiting the in game frame rate has always been the easiest fix I’ve found.

Also, just add a FPS limiter regardless please lol.

Have a wonderful day


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    Hiya friend - we've definitely seen the feedback from folks in terms of streaming and playing Ashes at the same time, and based on information and diagnostics we're grabbing from our community as well, we're hoping to provide additional options (such as a frame cap like you noted) to help mitigate this moving forward.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist you with in the meantime!
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