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Feedback for the Devs

Arthus DawnbreakerArthus Dawnbreaker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited July 2021 in General Discussion
From what i've seen from many streams of the game:

#1. Melee combat does not feel impactful, needs a lot of work on FX, impacts, and flow when swinging sword and other melee weapons. I really want to like the melee classes but it just isn't there yet.The attacks feel weak and have no power.

- possible solutions: shockwaves, ground shakes / camera shakes, better impact sound fx, more interesting and visually impactful special fx, alternative attack animations

- to be fare it seems to me like you've guys have nailed Mages and spell casting pretty well so spend more time on perfecting melee classes because what melee lacks, spell casters look great and move and attack great!

#2. Name plates are an eye soar we need an alternative to what we have now in game. Hopefully a menu option to turn off name plates or a key stroke to turn on and off name plates quickly (HUD or UI Revealer button)

#3. bubble zone around character or while on mount or trying to go through doorways with several players at a time seem to have problems running into each other and not being able to walk through the door because the player's interference with each other. (these interference zones should be shrunk down so you can move through doors easily and not bump into other players

4.Character customization options obviously need to be added which i heard you guys will be adding and can't wait to see that.

5. some of the camera control / movement is a little jarring and is not smoothing or flowing. has a very blocky feel

6. Saw a lot of players confused with UI and thy couldn't find their talents, also couldn't find their money.
- solution make a tiny hint tips popup to show exactly where things are.

7. Chat system seemed very minimal and a lot of known commands would not work. We need guild chat and way to switch between say, global, and guild chat maybe having chat window tabs or a quick key for switching between chat windows.

8. Mobs tend to stay put and not move around or roam like most animals would. To make it more interesting an immersive I suggest adding some movement and possible scenarios where one top of animal or creature attacks other.

Things you guys are doing great with:
1. lighting and environments look amazing
2. Spellcasting looks great!
3. mount options look amazing and animations are great!
4. network seems very stable
5. Monster and npc design looks great!
6. Siege battles look so fun!
7. node progression and village, town, city system is a genius idea
8. Music is fantastic!

Things I can't wait to see that i know you'll be working on:
1.Tulnar Race concept art and in game examples
6. Character customization (updates)
7. More weapon and armor concepts and finished models
8. Ship building
9. water battles
10. updated UI
11. Higher level Armor sets
12. leveling up animations
13. armor additions like trinkets, bags, holsters, sheaths, and belts

Things I would like to see in game:
1. Hybrid class Tank/mage like a Death Knight
2. customization options - glowing eyes, scars, tattoos
3. glowing armor
4. armor thats on fire
5. frozen armor / armor made of ice
6. more cool cloaks, hoods, and long flowing capes
7. charging up special abilities or finishing moves
8. more buffing spell options for all classes
9. Double taping the jump button should make character double jump or dash/ jump forward
10. ability to choose wear we sheath our weapons Back, left | Right belt, back belt
11. 3D rotating Preview of the the character and weapons and armor before purchasing

I will update this as I continue to watch the alpha gameplay.
Loving the game so far! Keep it up!


  • MerekMerek Member
    I mostly skimmed over your post and all I can say is, if you'd done minimal research yourself, you'd know that most of what you're asking for is planned.
  • GimlogGimlog Member
    As Merek said, most of it is currently planned , but always good to double down on it , just to make sure it will be done .
    I think you should develop further your feedbacks , because I'm pretty sure we both understand it in different ways.
  • Arthus DawnbreakerArthus Dawnbreaker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited July 2021
    I've done my research and know most of this is planned and will get taken care of. an MMO is a great undertaking and just want to help out in any way I can even that means repeating or reiterating things that we want to see in the game. The more feedback they get the better the game will be. Its always good for devs to see what everyone is feeling and where we are all coming from.
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