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World Size, Movement Speed, Mount Speed concern.

novercalisnovercalis Member, Founder, Kickstarter
So while I was not in the alpha, but seeing footages of the game, I have a bit of concern perhaps & that is the movement speed of the individual in comparison to the world.

I am aware the map provided to the tester is supposedly "1/6" of the world & what we have seen is 4 different speeds to moving around in this world.

Player movement speed
Mount speed
flying mount speed
Aquatic speed

Flying mount speed - based on Asmongold video with Steven epic mount - there is a huge difference between Asmon flying mount vs Steven and the speed is complete bonkers on the pheonix. Now they are flying mount and super rare, so I am fine with the speed on both mounts.

But with that said now we need to take a closer look at the others mechanics of movements.

Player movement speed + mount speed

Watching different streams, I notice the player movement Animation and it's speed isn't 1:1 and the players seems to be moving fast. For a map that is 1/6 it seems it would take 10-15 mins to cover 1 side to the other & I think that is bad. It makes the world feel small, now add to a mount and your time is reduce drastically & with the epic flying mount or non epic mount, we saw how quickly it took to move across the world.

I will use 2 games as an example about land speed.

WoW (classic) - The Barren zone, going from the north end to the south end would take a player ~15 min to get through the zone. It made that zone feel huge as well & the world huge.

Everquest - East commonland would take you almost 10min for a relatively small zone, enter into any of the Karanas and thats a solid 20min run.

I do believe SPEED is detrimental to the game, world scope. And this is without players using SPRINT (which I assume it's not infinite, cause if so might as well make that the default speed, cause you know everyone is always going to be sprinting then).

it is dumb seeing someone SWIM to another island that took then 5-10min if they were on mount or not and more faster if they had the aquatic mount. It takes away the game boats, aquatic mounts purposes.

Aquatic speed should be heavily reduced in speed. Approx 50-60% of what one speed is on land and land mounts shouldnt work or also take a 40-50% speed decrease on water. Give a reason for aquatics mounts to be special, useful and boats. if not, I can easily just auto run afk & save some gold (which shouldnt be incentives, a good mmo games needs a good GOLD SINK and aquatics mounts, boats are / SHOULD be a solid GOLD SINK and SOLID INVESTMENT for players)

This is how I feel so far by ONLY WATCHING but I do believe, if you can reducement movement speeds across the board by 15-30%, the world itself will feel even more bigger. There's no fun if I can go from the north pole to the south pole in less than 3-4 hours when you can make it feel it will take 4 hours.

I know people don't want to move slow but for the greater good of the game, it should.

Player movement: 50%
player sprint: 60% (limited use, stamina bar, something...)
land mount speed: 70% on water, 90% on land
Epic land mount: 70% water, 110% on land
flying mount: 100%
epic flying mount: 125%
aquatic mount: 90% on water, 70% on land
boats: 100% on water
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  • They have to dial in the speeds, and may have it turned up for Alpha because they want the ability to test certain things. Like when they call all players to Winstead in order to push the server to the limit to see what they need to do to improve the back end.

    Unlimited sprinting is not something they will have at launch.

    The mounts were pretty wide open because it’s alpha. Steven probably has his Phoenix speed set to god mode so that he can get to where he wants to go during Alpha to help promote his product and help conduct alpha activities they want to test.
  • novercalisnovercalis Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    I hope that was the case, I just have to go with what was presented and assume that is the intended speed unless they said otherwise.
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  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited July 2021
    That is a pretty poor and unreasonable assumption.
    Especially since infinite speed only became a thing about one week ago.
    Lots of things have been sped up so we can test things more quickly - especially when there are wipes.
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