Greetings, glorious adventurers! If you're joining in our Alpha One spot testing, please follow the steps here to see all the latest test info on our forums and Discord!


ScocalScocal Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
Hello! I am new to Ashes of Creation, have waited years for this, and could not be more excited to be a part of this game!!


  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Moderator, Member, Founder, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hi and welcome! Feel free to get involved in the conversions on here and on the official discord :)
  • GaluxGalux Member
    I welcome you with open arms! :)
  • SunboySunboy Member
    Much love ❤️
  • Welcome! I'm also extremely excited, but i'm gonna have to wait a few years xD Hope you enjoy your time here.
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