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Node Sieges currently planned and possible changes

AsraielAsraiel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited July 22 in General Discussion
The ashes of Creation wiki tells well how currently Node Sieges are planed and what it means to lose such a siege
here what wiki says:
and upon successfull siege (destruction)

after reading it i allredy can see player quiting the game out of frustration and loss of the things they have worked for several months

giving the opportunity to compleatly destroy a node is in my opinion a good thing, however adding a limiter to the system migth be better. as currently planned no matter how long the attckers need to compleat the channeling cast the node gets desroyed doesnt matter if they need 30 mins or almost 2 hours to do so.

i would like to add a limitter parameter to it that limits the destruction of the node in comparison on how long the attackers need to compleat the channeling.
like if the channeling is compleatet within 1 hour of the siege the node gets destroyed for every additional if the withing 1h 20mins the node looses 3 stages if within 1h 40 mins the node looses 2 stages and if within 2h the node looses 1 stage howevery if the node would drop to encampment that also would lead to destruction instead.

with that the performance of the defenders even if they loose does impact the destruction. for a full destruction of a metropolis the attackers need to compleat the channeling within 1h if it takes longer like within 1h 20 mins that leads to a decrease to vilage stage the longer the defender can hold out the higher the stage that remains.

but lower nodes have it harder cause city stage (5) also would face destruction if attakers succed withing 1h 20mins and so it goes down, the lower a node stage is, the harder to not face compleat destruction.

on the channeling i would also add that as long theres a channeling active at the main point, the coundtown of the siege is stoped leading to a longer siege, if the defenders doesnt defend well. so the attackers have more time to compleat the attack. this also allows channeling 1sec befor time hiting 2h, so that this channeling if not interupted may also lead to a win for the attackers.

how long attackers needed to win the siege also shows on the looting. on full destruction the aftermath will be the same for looting but if theres a nodestage left it matter how much they could decrese the less effective the attackers where the lower the % amount they can loot from all the stroages within the node. reduction if successfull destruction looting is like the wiki says if a village remains the part to loot for players is reduced by 10% if a town remains 20% and if a city remains 30%.

a successfull attack stets the node in a 60 day protection from sieges if not compleatly destroyed

these changes may soften the devestaion the loosing defenders have to face and so may help keeping them ingame.
it will only add dificulty to erase a metropolis in 1 go lower nodes cna be erased way easyer.

on node progression a partly destroyed node had to first be repired befor it can once again gain progression to level up again. that give other city nodes in the terrety the advantage of evolving to a higher stage.

there will be needed some sort of system to the other nodes aroud if the sieged node didnt get destroyed compleatly due to the the system of nodestages within the same terretory

maybe triggering a node degeneration event where nodes slowly looses xp and the more xp is gain for the node leads to the node not degenerate to a lower stage so players action will matter after a siege to prevent a degeneration of their node if its within the proximity of the sieged node. also the sieged node doesnt loose xp until its repaired but onece its repaired it also could loose additional stages.

so a siege if successfull in any degree may trigger a chain of actions for the region and so also increse partly content to that region but this would also make it more complex and probably also a lot more difficult to programm


  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Alpha One
    There will be no softness.
  • EyskalEyskal Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited July 22
    The big ones falls the hardest.
    I imagine winning against a defending node wont be done easily and the defending side most likely got plenty of perks for being a defender.
  • AsraielAsraiel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    There will be no softness.

    no softness at all
    the sieged node may not face the same penalty as befor but it transmorths it to a regional effect that may be even harder if the node survives. depending on the playerbase on the server.

    its more like the king has fallen and then anarchy hits the region and the battle to become the new king starts.
  • AsraielAsraiel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    a siege so has a longer lasting effect due to trigger a chain of action like the domino effect
  • bloodprophetbloodprophet Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Quiters gonna quit
    Some people will stub their toe walking to their desk to log in. Get mad and blame Ashes for their hurt toe and quit.
    I look forward to taking revenge on any fool that dares to attack my node. Scorched Earth policy for all nodes that thought about signing up weather they showed up or not.
    Most people never listen. They are just waiting on you to quit making noise so they can.
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