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How does freehold placement work with the overlapping Zones Of Influence?

NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited July 2021 in General Discussion
So, we know this:
Any area that a Node controls is considered its Zone of Influence, including Vassal Nodes, and all Vassal Nodes exist within the Zone of Influence of their Parent Node.[2] – Margaret Krohn

We buy a certificate from the parent node and place the freehold within that node's ZOI. Can that freehold be placed where it's also a part of a vassal node's ZOI for example?

Using this picture from the Wiki:

If you look at the ZOI of the middle stage 3 node, it's placed within the ZOI of the stage 4 parent node, and the stage 6 grandparent node. Can I go buy a certificate at either the stage 4 or 6 nodes and place my freehold inside the ZOI of the stage 3 node? Let's say we can and I bought the certificate at the stage 4 node. If that stage 4 node is destroyed, can I re-register my freehold to either the stage 6 node or the stage 3 node (if there are enough certificates for sale), since the freehold now falls under those? Does it happen automatically somehow?


  • Each node has it's own area starting at level 0. As the node ranks up, it still keeps it's own area, but becomes parent node of neighbouring nodes.

    The parent's node ZoI does not really affect how child nodes operate, besides who that node can declare war on, as far as I know. A child node mostly acts independently, but pays some sort of gold or xp tax to the parent.

    If you want to put your freehold in a specific node's own area, you would presumably have to get a certificate from that specific node, not any of the parent nodes.
  • CROW3CROW3 Member
    Rereading the Freehold wiki, the bolded part below is kind of ambiguous.
    Ashes Wiki wrote:
    Freeholds may be placed anywhere within the ZOI of a stage 3 node (or higher) so long as they are not in close proximity to any of the following:[11]

    - Pathing routes (Roadways).[11]
    - Dungeons and other points of interest (POIs) regardless of advancement.[11][12][13]
    - Spawn areas.[11]
    - Other freehold plots.[11]
    - Hard terrain features, such as mountainsides or cliffs.[14]
    - Freehold plots will require a certificate from the parent node in order to place the plot.[15]

    The more advanced a node is, the more freeholds can be built within its ZOI.[4]

    Ample space will be available to place freeholds in the ZOI of a village node.[16]
    Collections of freeholds placed together are considered part of their parent node and do not become a separate node, other than via roleplay.[17]

    What's ambiguous to me is whether the "parent node" is Zone 3 or Zone 6. I'm leaning toward Zone 6 (based on how parent nodes are referenced in the ZOI Wiki ), but I'm totally open to correction here. If this is the case, then your Freehold certificate is tied to the Stage 6 node. But... if that node atrophies, would the certification for your freehold xfer to Zone 4? Zone 3? Not sure.
  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Atrophy rules are super-in-influx until we test it in later phases.
  • CROW3CROW3 Member
    @Dygz - is a Freehold purchased in the middle 3 certified to Node 3 or Node 6?
  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    If you are placing a Freehold when the ZOIs are already established as in the diagram, I would think it would be the Metro you're buying the certificate from. But, for all we know, those are rules the Mayor can choose.

    If the Stage 4 Node is destroyed, you should be able to re-register at any Node within the existing ZOI that is Stage 3 or higher.

    But, again, it's difficult to tell because right now Steven still won't sign off on more Node articles because that design is so in-flux Steven doesn't want to state something that will change later.
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