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hi i just see this game in youtube and i think it's a interesting MMoRPG i like what i hear in review about the game and i hope this game will be great like wow and others . :)


  • Welcome Orthuz! Yea I was also somebody who saw a hype video of this game on youtube and also got interested. It has many aspects that I feel will make it truly great like the market system, the player driven world, and also the caravan system. I am fairly excited for when it is finally finished since I truly believe it will live to all the hype we are giving it. Steven and all the developers are fairly open with their developments and are taking advice and ideas from the community to help propel it to even greater heights.
  • hi and yeah i like the aspect of the game system to and i like how the dev listen to the players and asking idea for the game like character, races etc.. and just like you i hope it live to the hype when it release .
  • Hai Orthuz, and welcome to the Forums of Ashes! I see your on the hype train, but don't get too hyped. Save at least 20% of your hype power until when CBT comes out. That's when things get interesting!
    I can see why your interested. (Mainly because I am here, but also) it's because the world of Ashes is said to be changing because of what us, the players are doing. Anyways, welcome again to the Forums.
    And by the way, don't forget to join the official Discord where some Interpid members (mainly Steven; the Creative Director of the game) hangs around, talks to us, and answers some of our various questions. Discord also has some sneakie peakies that are only for Discord users. Cya around :D

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