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Monthly cosmetic and Pre-order questions

Hello there, I have two questions! :)

1) I see that pre-order packs available right now offer the same cosmetics as the monthly cosmetics. When July ends and August starts, will the pre-order packages come with the new monthly cosmetics instead? (which means a pre-orderer could want to sniper a special month for purchase to get, say, the specific mount)

2) the Pre-order packages state that they grant access to purchasing monthly cosmetics corresponding to their tier, or level (while KS/summer backers can purchase from all tiers). The problem is, how do I know what tier corresponds to what kind of cosmetics? For example, which pre-order package tier is "high level" enough to grant access to monthly mounts ? or pets ? or armors ? or does it depend on the month? knowing this would make chosing a preorder package tier far easier. Is the info somewhere?

Thanks a lot <3


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