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Roleplay Feature - screenshots

TaerrikTaerrik Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
If this has been posted already forgive me, but I did not see this yet.

I have seen many excellent suggestions and feedback for features for live, real time roleplaying. But there are other formats that are vital too,.

What I am hoping to see is something similar to FF14 /gpose. This is a feature that lets us kind of "pause" the game, and go into a screenshot mode to be able to carefully control camera angles, if the characters were doing an animation we can freeze them mid animation. We get to do this for anyone in our party.

Taking that one step further, there is a third party software that gives further control. It allows us during this 'paused' gameplay to individually control our characters limbs, move and place them wherever. It is very good for creating screenshots that go perfect into a story writing piece. (FF14 devs take a dim view on third party software due to players harassing other players, do not recommend usage as your account may be banned, even something nice and useful; and harmless as this)

For example, if I am writing a story , and there is a scene where our group is sitting around a campfire as we travel from point A to point B, and take a rest for the evening. Perhaps in the game there really is a campfire with nearby benches or something to sit on. But no matter how awesome the devs are at giving us great animations to use while we /sit on the benches, when we want to take a picture it will not match up with the vision in the writers head.

With screenshot control tools like these we can move the party members to sit around the campfire as we envision them in the writing, perhaps one person is eating something, another is telling a story and someone else is snoozing with a head resting on a nearby shoulder.

It would be amazing if we can get fine control of our characters to take screenshots with like that.
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