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Bought into the game back in March 2019, am I able to get access to the Alpha?

My friend brought up Ashes of Creation in a conversation and I remembered I bought a pack ages ago.

I hunted down my account information and found that I bought the Expeditionary Pre-Order Pack back in 2019, but I don't remember all the things that came with it. I see I have access to Beta 1 and Beta 2 via the inventory. I've also received gifts back in September that year as well. (No Idea how I got those)

From my loose understanding it seems Intrepid has separated from Xsolla, so I can't even find the pack that I'm associated with anymore, just my receipt. In Intrepid's shop you can now buy access to the Alpha? & I'm struggling to find Beta Dates?

I'm fine with waiting until Beta, but I don't even see it as an option now or if it was just an option at the time for a different timeline.

You'll also have to forgive me, I haven't been too current on the AoC news, so I may be missing something that happened months ago.


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